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Discover the Best Splash Pads in London


Jun 22, 2024 #London

When summer heats up, there’s no better way to cool off than by heading to one of London’s many splash pads and water play areas. These fun, family-friendly spots are perfect for kids to splash around, enjoy the sun, and stay cool. Here’s a roundup of some of the best splash pads in the city, offering everything from tranquil fountains to interactive water jets.

Central London

Elephant Springs Located at Elephant Park, Elephant Springs offers a naturalistic play area with water, rocks, and sand. It’s an ideal spot for children of all ages to explore and enjoy a unique water play experience​ (TheDadLab)​.

Princess Diana Memorial Fountain Situated in Hyde Park, the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain is a beautiful, circular water feature designed to be accessible to everyone. Children can paddle and splash in the shallow water while adults enjoy the serene atmosphere. Open daily from 10 am to 8 pm​ (My Modest Mama)​.

Granary Square Fountains In King’s Cross, Granary Square boasts over 1,000 choreographed water jets that are illuminated at night. This interactive fountain display is not only visually stunning but also a great place for kids to play and cool off during the day​ (THE LONDON MOTHER)​.

Kensington Memorial Park This West London park features a dedicated splash pad open from May until dusk. It’s a favorite among local families for its engaging water play area and ample space for picnics and relaxation​ (TheDadLab)​​ (My Modest Mama)​.

North London

Victoria Park Splash Pool Located in Bow, East London, Victoria Park offers a fantastic splash pool open from the last bank holiday in May until the end of the school summer holidays, from 11 am to 5 pm daily. It’s a great spot for children to cool off in a safe environment​ (Kiddo Adventures)​.

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Fountains In Stratford, this park features 195 individually controlled water jets that are open from March to October. The dynamic water displays make it a popular destination for families looking to beat the heat​ (Kiddo Adventures)​.

Ruskin Park Paddling Pool A local favorite in South London, Ruskin Park’s paddling pool is shallow enough for toddlers and is part of a larger park that includes a playground and sports facilities. It’s a hidden gem perfect for a family day out​ (THE LONDON MOTHER)​.

Brockwell Park Paddling Pool Another South London hotspot, Brockwell Park features a large children’s playground and a dedicated wet play area. It’s a fantastic choice for families wanting a full day of fun and relaxation​ (THE LONDON MOTHER)​.

West London

Arena Square Wembley Fountains These spectacular fountains in Wembley Park are free to use and offer a magical experience for families. The nearby amenities make it convenient for a full day of fun​ (TheDadLab)​.

Dukes Meadows In Chiswick, Dukes Meadows provides a lovely paddling pool for young children and a larger playground for older kids. It’s open daily and is a great place for a family outing​ (TheDadLab)​.

Enjoy the Water Play Across London

London’s splash pads and water play areas provide wonderful opportunities for children to enjoy the outdoors and cool off during the hot summer months. From the historic Princess Diana Memorial Fountain in Hyde Park to the interactive Granary Square Fountains in King’s Cross, each location offers unique features and attractions. Whether you’re in Central, North, East, South, or West London, there’s a splash pad nearby that promises fun and refreshment for the entire family. So, pack your towels, grab some sunscreen, and head to one of these fantastic splash pads for a splashing good time!

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