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Discover the Best Splash Pads in London


Jun 21, 2024 #Splash Pads

As summer temperatures soar, finding a way to cool off in the city becomes a priority for many families. London, with its plethora of parks and public spaces, offers several fantastic splash pads and water play areas where children can frolic in the water while parents relax. Here’s a roundup of some of the best splash pads across the city.

Central London

Elephant Springs, Elephant & Castle Located in the heart of Elephant & Castle, Elephant Springs offers an array of water features including slides, fountains, and spray jets. This spot is perfect for families looking for a fun and free activity in the central part of the city​ (LondonDucklings)​​ ((no title))​.

Granary Square Splash Fountains, King’s Cross Granary Square boasts 1,080 choreographed water jets, providing a dynamic and fun water play experience. The jets change in intensity throughout the day, making it a favorite among children who enjoy splashing around. The area is also surrounded by benches, offering a great spot for parents to relax​ (LondonDucklings)​.

North London

Finsbury Park Splash Play Situated in North London, Finsbury Park’s splash play area is a fantastic free facility that operates throughout the summer, weather permitting. It features numerous jet sprays that children love to run through, making it a popular choice for local families​ ((no title))​​ (London for Kidz)​.

Finchley Lido Finchley Lido offers a traditional outdoor pool setting with a shallow area for younger children. The lido also has refreshment pods, sun loungers, and deck chairs, making it a great spot for a full day out with the family​ (LondonDucklings)​​ (London for Kidz)​.

South London

Peckham Rye Park Water Play Peckham Rye Park is home to a beloved water play area that is ideal for families. With various water features and a spacious surrounding park, it’s a perfect destination for a summer day out​ ((no title))​.

Brockwell Park Paddling Pool, Lambeth This park features a large children’s playground and a wet play area. It’s a well-known spot in Lambeth where kids can cool off while enjoying the various play facilities available in the park​ (THE LONDON MOTHER)​​ ((no title))​.

East London

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Water Labyrinth, Stratford This impressive water labyrinth in Stratford features 195 individually controlled jets of water, making it a top choice for a day of fun and cooling off. The fountains are choreographed in various sequences, adding an extra layer of excitement for kids​ (THE LONDON MOTHER)​​ (London for Kidz)​.

Victoria Park Splash Pool Located in the heart of East London, Victoria Park’s splash pool is a great destination for families. It provides a refreshing break during hot days and is situated within one of London’s most beloved parks​ (London for Kidz)​.

West London

Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain, Hyde Park A serene and beautiful spot, this memorial fountain is designed for dipping feet rather than full-on water play. It’s a wonderful place to relax and cool down in the heart of Hyde Park​ (TheDadLab)​​ ((no title))​.

Wimbledon Park Splash Park With six paddling pools and two splash pads, Wimbledon Park offers extensive water play facilities that are free to use. It’s a popular spot for families in the area during the summer months​ (THE LONDON MOTHER)​​ (London for Kidz)​.


London’s splash pads and water play areas provide fantastic opportunities for families to enjoy the summer while staying cool. Whether you’re looking for a dynamic water fountain experience in King’s Cross or a serene spot like the Diana Memorial Fountain, there’s something for everyone in the city. So grab your towels, pack a picnic, and head to one of these fantastic splash pads for a fun-filled day out.

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