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E3 Event: Gamers’ favourite consoles, according to social media study

The annual E3 event has just finished, and with huge announcements from tech giants and popular game franchises, it’s not an event to be missed this year. With this in mind, TopRatedCasinos.co.uk decided to find out for once and for all which gaming consoles are our favourite.

To do this, they searched for all consoles and handheld consoles by Playstation, Nintendo and Xbox across Instagram, TikTok, Reddit and YouTube. Each brand and console was given a final score out of 100 social popularity points to crown the best brand and console, based on their online popularity.

The results are as follows:

  Instagram (/25)  TikTok (/25)  Reddit (/25)  YouTube (/25)  Social Popularity Points (/100) 
Playstation 4  25 25 25 23 98 
Xbox One  24 23 23 19 88 
Playstation 5  19 24 10 24 76 
Nintendo Switch  21 19 6 25 71 
Playstation 3  23 13 24 9 68 
Gameboy  16 21 8 21 66 
Nintendo Wii U  9 18 19 18 63 
Playstation 2  13 15 20 14 61 
Xbox 360  20 14 15 13 61 
Xbox Series X/S  15 16 13 16 60 

Overall Winner:

TopRatedCasinos.co.uk can reveal that the console with the most interest across all four social media channels is the Playstation 4! The console finished with a ranking of 98/100 possible points.

Despite their popularity, Playstation will not be taking part in this year’s E3 event, and they didn’t appear at the last E3 event (2019) either.

The second best console is the Xbox One, with a final score of 88/100. The Xbox One’s best channel is Instagram, scoring 24/25 in this category.

Fans of Xbox will be happy to know that there will be plenty on for them at this year’s E3 event. However, not all fans are satisfied with the quality of games available on Xbox, as revealed by a recent study by ManySpins.com which revealed the number of copies of each popular Xbox game that were potentially ‘wasted’ based on bad reviews. The game with the most copies potentially wasted is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The game has sold a total of 8 million copies so far, but with only 49% of players happy with their purchase, around 4 million copies have been wasted.

Call of Duty games claim spots 2 to 5 of the most wasted games, with a grand total of nearly 13 million copies wasted between the four games. COD is known for being expensive as part of Xbox’s triple A games, and as there are now 24 COD games, it is easy to see how Microsoft could be more focussed on profits rather than quality gaming.

In third place is the new Playstation 5, finishing with 76/100 points. The PS5 scored 24/25 for both views on TikTok and YouTube.


The most hashtagged console on Instagram is the Playstation 4 – with nearly 1.5 million hashtags, it scored a full 25/25 points in this category!

Instagram’s second most tagged console is the Xbox One (24/25), followed by the Playstation 3 (23/25).


The most viewed console on TikTok is also the Playstation 4, racking up a whopping 20 billion views on videos using hashtags related to the console.

TikTok’s second most viewed console is the Playstation 5 with 12 billion views (24/25), followed by the Xbox One with 2 billion views (23/25).


Also coming out on top for Reddit is the Playstation 4. The console was spoken about in 951,486 posts and comments in two major gaming subs (25/25).

The second most talked about console on Reddit is the Playstation 3 with 574,572 mentions (24/25), followed by the Xbox One with 537,848 mentions (23/25).


After examining the views of the top 5 videos for each console on YouTube, TopRatedCasinos.co.uk found that the most popular console in this category is the Nintendo Switch. The handheld console racked up nearly 160 million views, giving it a score of 25/25 points.

YouTube’s second most watched console is the Playstation 5 with 95 million views (24/25), followed by the Playstation 4 with 88 million views (23/25).