A NORTH-EAST tea specialist’s unique products have hit the sweet spot with retailers in major cities across the continent.

Easy Teasy’s tea-infused chocolate has become a big hit with suppliers in London and Paris, now being stocked in Kensington’s Whole Food Market and specialist Paris-based tea shop, Thé Bon Thé Bio.

Director of Easy Teasy, Luci Cowie said: “This is a really proud moment for us when we launched we never thought our products would be stocked in Paris.”

After receiving a bar of Easy Teasy’s chocolate as a Christmas gift, Thé Bon Thé Bio owner, François Parant, got in touch immediately to add their collection to his stock.

Luci added: “To see images of our products on the shelves of retailers in major cities is really exciting and it’s fantastic to know that people are enjoying them outside of the region, not only in other parts of the UK but now in Europe as well.”

The company has seen great success since its launch as a university project by Tom Webb and Luci Cowie back in 2014, with the company’s range now comprising of 19 loose leaf teas featuring flavours such as Peach Sencha Green Tea and Orange Blossom Oolong, a teaware range and tea-infused chocolate.

Easy Teasy’s evolution continues in 2017 with their new wholesale arm Estate Tea Co. continuing to go from strength-to-strength and their packaging receiving a makeover this month.

But their traditional values stay the same, a key part of the business is making sure they know exactly who is growing their teas along with safeguarding farmers and producers. Last month owner Luci spent time with tea plantation owners in Sri Lanka finding out exactly what goes into the process.

Luci said: “It’s already been an exciting year for us here at Easy Teasy. Our range is continuing to grow and we are hoping our new packaging will give a fresh new look to our products.

“It was an incredible experience to travel and spend time on tea plantations in Sri Lanka, and seeing first-hand the hard work that goes on through the tea growing process. It Really enforced the importance of making sure we continue to source all our products ethically.”

You can view Easy Teasy’s full product range by visiting www.easyteasy.co.uk.