There are many players who really want a game that gives big advantages but how to play it is easy. Is there a game like this? Take it easy, there is a game called dominoqq online.

Domino games are one of the many games that are perfect for you. Why is that? Because all the rules in this game are very easy to do, even for beginners. You can easily get a win without significant difficulty.

Important Points You Must Know from DominoQQ

  • Number of Cards

The cards used in this domino game are 28 cards. The size of this card is very small, smaller than poker or playing. In this domino game, players will play with a total of 4 cards. However, in the early game, players will only get 3 cards.

  • Pairs and card values

In this game, players must make 2 cards and each card must have a value of 9. The winner is determined from the player who can make the highest card value combination. The highest score of this game is 9. You can see from the number of red circles on the card.

  • How to count points on a card

To count cards on dominoes, you also need to know how to count cards. At the end of the game, you can get a total of 4 pieces for each person.

  • Card count

To know which player won, the player must count the points from 2 cards. If the player gets a total of more than 9 points when adding all the circles, then the score must be reduced by 10. If the total value of the circles is more than 19, then 20 will be deducted.

DominoQQ Special Card

There are several special cards in this game. With all these cards, it’s guaranteed that you can get your way to victory.

  • A special type of card

The special cards in domino games are 4 log cards, 6 god cards, big pure cards, and small pure cards.

  • 6 god cards

This is a card that has 6 total circles from the top and bottom of the card. For players who have 4 cards and each of these cards has a value of 6, then you can get 6 gods cards. This is the highest type of card in dominoes.

  • 4 log cards

This is a card that has a double or equal number of circles on the top and bottom of the card.

Short Tricks to Play DominoQQ

If you want to win in this game, then you have to understand all the basic rules of the game. What players need to know is the order of the game, how to count cards, and also the special cards that are in the domino.

By learning the ins and outs of dominoes, especially about card types and how to count cards, it is hoped that you can win. Try to find the right strategy to be able to win successfully.