A PIONEERING journalist made headlines at her former school as she urged students to believe in themselves and turn their dreams into reality.

Hannah Chapman, the first female editor of The Northern Echo, was guest of honour at Northallerton School and Sixth Form College celebration of achievements at Hambleton Forum.

The awards, held annually, recognise students who have excelled through hard work, commitment to their studies and volunteering within the local community.

Hannah, who left the school 17 years ago to study a career in journalism, said: “Some days it feels like a lifetime ago, other days it seems like only yesterday since I was here.

“Everyone remembers at least one teacher who influenced them at school, but for me it was two, my science teacher who had a great sense of humour and taught me some important life skills and my business studies teacher, who impressed upon me the importance of knowing the difference between dreams and reality.

“I never thought that I would be the first female editor of The Northern Echo, but with good humour and hard work it just shows that anything is possible and the more belief you have in yourselves the more chance you have of your dreams becoming a reality.”

The ceremony for students past and present was hosted by head boy Ed Hixson and head girl Laura West, assisted by head of English Nick Watkins.

It recognised achievements in a wide range of areas from academia and music to drama and art, including awards for citizenship, design and technology, effort, determination, and commitment and enthusiasm in sport.

The celebration event also welcomed back former pupil and the first Briton to climb the world’s highest mountains Alan Hinkes, who presented an endeavour award in his name to student Callum Tiffin.

Interim chair of governors Jan Linsley said: “Evenings like this are a real pleasure and an opportunity to celebrate students who make a real difference and a positive contribution to our school and local community.”

Entertainment for the evening was provided by the Northallerton School and Sixth Form College Pop Choir and a performance by drama students with a teaser from next year’s school production Alice.

Newly appointed principal Chris Drew said: “Tonight is all about our students achieving wonderful things. It is only right to acknowledge their endeavours and efforts.”


English Faculty
Award for KS3: Emily Hilton
Award for English Language in KS4: Joseph Blackman
Award for English Language in KS5: Lizzie Wright
Award for English Literature in KS4: Laura West
Award for English Literature in KS5: Phoebe Grayson
Award in Creative Writing for KS5: Sam Pratt

Maths Faculty
Award for KS3: Rebecca Wake
Award for KS4: Joe Riordan
Award for KS5: Matthew Waite

Science Faculty
Award for KS3: Ami Abhilash
Award for Biology in KS4: Harry Thompson
Award for Biology in KS5: Andrew Campbell
Award for Chemistry in KS4: Jasper Rowell
Award for Chemistry in KS5: Alex Vayro
Award for Physics in KS4: Will Farnaby
Award for Physics in KS5: Sam Kirtley
Award for Psychology KS5: Zoe Lappin
Award for Applied Science in KS5: Kate Atkin

Humanities Faculty
Award for Geography in KS3: Lottie Spence
Award for Geography in KS4: Samuel Leggott
Award for Geography in KS5: Georgia Form
Award for History in KS3: Alice Hobbs
Award for History in KS4: Jess Spence
Award for History in KS5: Patrick Jones
Award for SRS in KS3: Jodie Allen
Award for SRS in KS4: Zuzanna Gibas
Award for SRS in KS5: Jake Soulsby
Award for Business Studies in KS4: Charlie Trewitt
Award for Business Studies in KS5: Emily Crisp
Award for Economics KS5: Matthew Petty
Award for EPQ in KS5: Henry Grainger

Technology Faculty
Award for Food in KS3: Elliott Dodsworth
Award for Catering in KS4: Charles Whitehead
Award for Graphics in KS4: Travis McLean
Award for Graphics in KS5: Emily Goodyear
Award for ICT in KS3: Thomas Bell
Award for ICT in KS4: Rebecca Lowin
Award for ICT in KS5: Matthew Siddall
Award for Resistant Materials in KS3: Abi Davies
Award for Resistant Materials in KS4: Elliott Walker
Award for Resistant Materials in KS5: Stephen Banks
Award for Textiles in KS3: Amelia Hunter
Award for Textiles in KS5: Abbie Mackintosh

Expressive Arts Faculty
Award for Art in KS3: Mollie Petrie
Award for Art in KS4: Rhianna Dennis
Award for Art in KS5: Scott Holmes
Award for Drama in KS3: Matthew Hodgson
Award for Drama in KS4: Sam Illescas-Ruiz
Award for Drama in KS5: Sophie McGlynn
Award for Media in KS4: Shae Loach
Award for Media in KS5: Hevenly Rose
Award for Music in KS3: Lucy Godfrey
Award for Music in KS4: Aiden Geach

Modern Foreign Language
Award for KS3:  Rachel Coughlan
Award for KS4:  Joseph Mableson
Award for KS5:  Dylan Murdoch

Health and Social Care
H&SC Award KS4: Chloe Garner
H&SC Award for KS5: Megan Hanson

Award for KS3: Amy Parker
Award for KS4: Jessica Alderson
Award for KS5:  Joe Lawn

Special Awards
Geography Award: Niamh Wheldon
Libby Dawes Award for Outstanding Commitment to Health & Social Care: Emily Masterman
SSAFA Forces Help for Musical Excellence: Grace Sharp
David Bradley Award for Drama: Eleanor Webster
Northallerton and District Round Table Community Award: Abbie Wake
Henry Blakeston Charity Award: Katie Allinson, Joseph Barron, Charlotte Sherwood, Harriet Sherwood
Hayes Travel Citizenship Award: Oli Hampson
David Dick Award for Art: Lauren Hill
David Dick Award for Sporting Achievement: James Boucher
Ben Hyde Award for Competitive Sport in KS3: Tom Bramham, Poppy Stokes
Ben Hyde Award for Sporting Commitment and Enthusiasm in KS4: James Cleminson, Millie Smith
Ben Hyde Award for Sporting Commitment and Enthusiasm in KS5: Thea Crocker, Oscar Ingham
Award for Outstanding Achievement at GCSE level: William Farnaby, Phoebe Grayson, Beth Marshall, Travis McLean, Chloe Oliver, Jasper Rowell, Ashleigh Spencer, Harry Thompson, Charlie Trewhitt
Rotary Club Award for Highest Achievement at GCSE level: Joe Riordan
Rotary Club of Northallerton Mowbray Youth Award: Emma Kirby, Charlie Morton
Award for Outstanding Achievement at A2 level: Grace Cook, Jarrod Graham, Abigail Grayson, Sam Kirtley, Sophie McGlynn, Matthew Petty, Samuel Pratt, Alex Vayro, Matthew Waite
Teesside University Award for Highest Achievement at A2 Level: Lauren Hill
Graham Garlick Award for Determination: Dylan Crighton
Alan Hinkes Award for Endeavour: Callum Tiffin
Chris Sheehan Award for Courage and Perseverance: Elisha James
The John Dennis Award: Hannah Bell, Joe Riordan
The Cuthbert Cross: Joseph Barron, Thea Crocker