• Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

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Edmund’s flying high during his first year

Young filmmakers from the University of Sunderland are getting a helping hand along the red carpet to success.

Royal Television Society (RTS) bursaries provide support to the next generation of film and television students hoping to make their name in the industry.

Now, Film Production student Edmund Flyte is set to receive £1,000 during his first year towards fulfilling his dream.

Edmund, 22, says the bursary will be vital in helping him buy equipment and study materials for his programme.

The student says his dream job would be to work on the BBC’s popular Doctor Who series, of which he has been a fan for many years.

He said: “The series was something I grew up watching and it’s fair to say I’m a big fan of it. I would say my favourite doctor was the ninth one; Christopher Eccleston.

“The idea of one day being able to be involved writing and directing for a series like that would be amazing.”

RTS bursary recipients benefit from mentoring, industry placement opportunities and financial support to help them kick start their careers in television.

Edmund, now living at The Forge in Sunderland, said the bursary would not only help financially but also the opportunity to be mentored, as well as attend workshops, all invaluable as he progresses along his programme.

Edmund added: “The course teaches me all aspects of film production from writing and producing to foley work. That was why I picked to come to Sunderland because the breadth of learning was so comprehensive.

“I’m only a few weeks into the course but am loving it already and really like being in Sunderland.”

Edmund is looking into the possibility of buying a camera with his bursary to help him during the coming three years.