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Essential Contact Numbers Every Caterer Should Have


Apr 16, 2019

Launching a catering company is a big move. It gets more complicated as you build up referrals and good word of mouth. You have to factor in bookings, portion sizes, and transport. However, right from the get-go, there are a few phone numbers you should always have on hand to help whenever a big event or special occasion needs a little extra planning.

Professional Servers

Catering is different from the restaurant industry. When someone runs a restaurant, customers essentially pay for the servers. The server may receive a minimum hourly wage, but the bulk of their salary comes from the tips they earn. This doesn’t happen when the food is prepared and presented by a caterer.

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Professional servers are the conduit from the kitchen to the table. They have to stay alert once the course has been presented in case anyone needs extra help. They must also be proficient in changing out drinks orders, so have to liaise between the bar and the tables as well.

Finding an excellent server company should be a caterer’s top priority. When you discover one that never lets you down and has well-trained staff with their own uniforms, you should keep their contact details at the top of your list. Whenever you need online food delivery you just contact them and get your food easily.This has advantages to save the number of caters.

Refrigerator Trailer Rentals

Being able to contact a reliable, well-priced temporary refrigerated unit company at a moment’s notice is an invaluable asset to a caterer. You can set it up at your own preparation location or at the site where you will be serving the food. When you have this contact detail, you are ready to handle every catering request anytime, anywhere.

Knowing a portable walk-in cooler company that you can trust to provide you with the right refrigeration equipment to suit every situation is the ultimate in catering tools. Only then will you be able to control large portions of fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products, and meat servings.

And while we are on the subject of fruit and vegetables, we can discuss the next important contact number you should have stored…

Fruit And Vegetable Supplier

When you are first launching your Perth catering business there are some food and diet options for which you are definitely going to have to consider:

  • Vegetarian or Vegan
  • Special dietary needs such as gluten-free, lactose-free, and low-salt
  • Religious dietary requirements

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These are the three main sections of food preferences that you will encounter when providing food for large congregations of people. There is a growing sector of food and diet preferences that is rapidly becoming one of the standout points that might make a client consider you over other caterers.

  • Organic: Provisions that have been organically farmed.
  • Green initiative: Using recyclable materials and cleaning agents.

This new trend means that you need to find an outstanding fruit and vegetable supplier to bring you the best organic produce. Once you have added this contact number to your address book, your essential contact numbers list is complete.

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