Whether you are a startup or an established business, you will need similar office furniture and equipment to create a productive work environment. A great office helps to create a nice working environment for your employees which ultimately results in better performance and profits. 

Furnishing your office and providing useful equipment for your employees does not have to cost a lot but can really transform your employees’ morale. This article is a guide to the most important pieces of furniture and equipment that every business needs.

1. A Welcoming Reception Desk

The reception area is usually where your guests will get the first impression of your company. You don’t want your potential customers to think of your business as a messy or questionable organization from their first look at the reception. It is therefore really important to keep your reception desk organized, modern and styled in a way that represents your company’s brand and image.

2. Lounge Seating and Facilities

The lounge is the place that your employees probably most look forward to spending time during their workday. The experts from https://kingsofficefurniture.co.uk/ explain that the lounge is where people come and relax for a coffee and a few minutes of chit chat before going back to work. Your office lounge should be warm and cozy, with a variety of seating that can appeal to different people. The most basic furniture and equipment for a good lounge includes a soft sofa, some tables and chairs, bookcases, and a coffee machine.  A comfortable lounge with great seating can help your employees refresh themselves, renew their creativity, and boost their morale.

3. Comfortable Office Seating

Providing your employees with great desk seats is vital because this is where the work gets done. It is vital to have an office seating setup that provides functionality as well as comfort. Furniture for this area should include large desks for an open working space with ergonomic or executive desk chairs. Ergonomic office chairs are the best as they can be adjusted for different users, while executive chairs look more high-end and create a bold impression on visitors to your business. Executives usually sit in private offices and take personal meetings there so statement seating is really important.

4. A Specialized Meeting Room Table

Every office needs a meeting space but bigger businesses will have specific meeting rooms dedicated to different purposes, such as one for internal staff meetings, one for online meetings, and one for client meetings. Whatever the purpose is, meeting rooms will be used quite regularly, and they are important in providing the necessary privacy for the type of meeting they hold. 

The traditional boardroom table is very long which allows the boss to sit at one end of the table with all of the other meeting participants sitting down the sides of the table so that the boss can see everyone. These days, many modern companies are switching to round tables so that everyone can see each other which facilitates brainstorming and the sharing of ideas. 

5. Breakroom Facilities

Employees always appreciate it when businesses have break rooms and this can be as simple as a small kitchen and dining area. Your break room does not have to be large and fully equipped, but it should have basic items such as a dining table, comfortable seating, a microwave, kettle, and some eating utensils. This space is not meant for everyone to come and have their lunch at the same time, but it should provide a space for your employees to eat when they need to. Having a breakroom will also encourage interoffice relationships and friendships among your employees which will help to create a friendly and relaxed environment.

6. A Top of the Range Copy Machine

Every business needs at least a printer, scanner, and copy machine, or better, an all-in-one machine that provides these 3 functions (and maybe even a fax option). While the world is going paperless, there will always be a need for physical documents to be printed, scanned or copied in a business environment. Hence, you should have a corner for this machine where it is easily accessible by everyone. There is nothing more frustrating for employees than having to queue up for a copy machine that takes forever to do anything. If you want your business to be productive then you need to give your employees the tools they need to perform.

By providing the right equipment and furniture, you will help your employees feel happier about their workplace, which will ensure that they are more likely to stay for a long time and invest themselves in the business. Make sure to follow this guide to create the perfect office for your business.