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Essential Tools For a Professional Landscaper

ByDave Stopher

Nov 24, 2021 #property

As a professional landscaper, it is essential that you have the right tool available that will help you to work efficiently and impress your clients. So, what are a few essential tools that every professional landscaper needs to have in their arsenal? Read on to find out.

Line Strimmer

A line strimmer is an essential tool that you will get a lot of usage out of over the years and are likely to use with each project. This handy tool will help you to quickly and accurately cut glass, weeds and ground cover. It is ideal for small areas that are challenging with a regular lawnmower and will give you much greater control. It is a good idea to invest in a battery-powered cordless strimmer that will allow you to work in tight areas and not have to worry about a power supply.

Small Hand Tools

There are also various small hand tools that you will need to carry out a wide range of landscaping tasks. These are tools that you will rely on heavily, so it is important to invest in quality and to look after them. This will include items such as trowels, secateurs and transplant spades.

Rakes & Forks

You need to be able to remove leaves and other debris from the lawn with high-quality rakes to reduce jamming your lawnmower and to keep the space looking neat and tidy. Additionally, you need to have a few different gardening forks that can be used for digging and aerating the soil, including a garden fork, digger fork and border fork.

Varying Shovels

You will also need various shovels for a number of different landscaping tasks. This will include a general shovel for digging, spreading compost and for planting as well as an edging shovel for neatening edges and a digging shovel used for digging jobs.


A line strimmer is an important tool, but you do also need to have a lawnmower that you can use. This is to handle larger stretches of grass and will make it quick and easy to create a uniform looking lawn that you can then touch up with a line strimmer.

These are a few of the essential tools that every professional landscaper needs in their arsenal. It is impossible to succeed in this role without the right tools, so you need to invest in quality so that you can deliver projects to a high standard and work efficiently.

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