When buying a pond pump, there are several factors to consider before deciding on the final product you want. You’ll need to research the different options available, know the details about your pond, and have a budget in mind. We plan to break down for you the few things that are crucial for you to keep in mind when buying a pond pump and hopefully simplify your experience quite a bit. Without further ado, here are all the things you should consider before deciding on a heat pump to purchase.

Pond Size

The size and capacity of your pond is crucial to determining the size of the pump you need to purchase. The pump you ultimately end up purchasing needs to be able to circulate the entire volume of your pond once each hour. Pumps’ capacities are ranked in GPH, which stands for gallons per hour. You’ll want to match the number of GPHs to the total amount of water your pond will hold.

Your Budget

As important as a budget is, you shouldn’t let it rule your decision. You should only consider quality pumps, despite their price. If you end up getting a piece of junk for a really cheap price, you’ve still wasted your money and have to buy a working pump that’ll get the job done.

Energy Efficiency

Pond pumps run around the clock, making them pretty expensive little pieces of machinery to operate. There are more energy efficient pond pumps available on the market that can help cut down on operating costs. However, it’s important that you research your options before you purchase, because it might cost more upfront for an energy efficient unit but the non-efficient one will cost more over time to operate.


The warranty plays a big role in the overall value of the pump you end up getting. Free repairs or replacement parts on the pump you choose can wind up saving you more than you would have ever thought imaginable. A good warranty could make all the difference in the affordability of the pump.

Buying a pond pump can be a bit of a tricky task when you don’t know what sorts of things for which you should look. Before deciding on a specific pump, you should do a fair amount of research so you know that it’s the best pump for you, that you’re getting the best price, and that you can get the pump fixed should something go wrong. Once you’ve found the right pump at the perfect price, you’ll be so glad you took the time to weigh out your options before jumping to a purchase.