Have you ever wondered how machines in factories operate, carrying out a series of movements without any seeming help from the operators?

Well, all this is done with the help of CNC machining. It allows you to set fixed information on how you want your machines to operate, and also keep track of a wide range of complex activities on your machine.

The application of computer numerical control is vast, and it has contributed a lot to the world of manufacturing. Before the introduction of the computer numerical control, several industrial tasks were carried out manually, which left room for a lot of errors and waste.

Still, now that most companies generally use CNC machining, the amount of waste and errors have reduced exponentially.

The CNC machining process is different from your regular computer system; it is more advanced and is capable of some more special functions compared to the other forms of systems.

This system is an excellent addition to the manufacturing process.

How Does It Work?

The CNC system runs on codes, so when you power your CNC system, it acts out these codes and sends specific instructions to different parts of your machines depending on the tasks programmed into the codes.

When operating, the CNC doesn’t take into consideration faulty mechanisms; it operates with the intention that every part of the machine is working correctly. This oversight leaves room for errors; this error is more defined if the CNC system is giving out orders to more than one part.

Machines that make use of CNC systems can be updated and given new commands with the use of a keyboard, but if the machine is using a numerical control machine, you will need a punch card to input new commands. Also, the CNC machine saves all the commands on the computer.

One fantastic thing about the CNC system is the flexibility, and you can alter the performance or operation by introducing new codes or improved versions of the former codes, depending on what you want it to do.

Types of CNC Machines

There are quite a number of CNC machines available; a lot of manufacturing processes have adopted the use of CNC systems.

However, we’ll be looking at the most used CNC machines;

  • CNC Mills

Mills are used for transporting materials from one part of the manufacturing process to the next. A CNC operated mill makes of number and letters to send messages.

  • Lathes

Lathemachines are used to turn work materials around a point so that it can be worked upon by different tools at the same time.

A CNC operated lathe machine carries out this operation with far fewer errors and with relative ease.

  • Plasma Cutters

Plasma cutters make use of hot plasma to cut through rigid materials. A CNC system allows the cutter to be more precise and faster at carrying out this function.

  • Electric Discharge Machines

Electric-discharge machining (EDM) is a kind of sculpturing machine;it fuses different materials into desired shapes using electricity.