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Everything You Need To Know About Getting Botox Injections

Due to the anti-aging properties found in botulinum toxin (sold as Dysport and Botox) many Hollywood celebrities opt for these treatments. Botox acts as a muscle relaxer and prevent the skin from wrinkling. It is generally effective for the treatment of expression lines like surprise or frown line on the forehead, lines on the throat and crow’s feet around the eye areas.

Where Do You Get Botox?

Botox can only be obtained with a prescription irrespective of the medical professionals not being the one’s injecting it. The procedure can be performed by non-doctors getting a prescription from a doctor, or it can be done at a beauty clinic where a doctor oversees the injectors without the need to be present in the room. But you mustn’t consider going down the bargain-basement road. Botulinum is a powerful bacterial neurotoxin and should only be administered correctly by a professional. A medical doctor should prescribe it, and it must be done in the appropriate settings. When performed by someone else, it must be done under suitable supervision with a doctor present on the premises. Non-invasive procedures like Botox and fillers that are performed at a cosmetic clinic are considered low risk, but it doesn’t mean that it is completely risk-free. Most risks are trivial, but they do exist. Skin Club Australia is owned and operated by qualified doctors, not nurses or clinicians. Their Personalised diagnosis process ensures that you’ll recieve expert medical advice, before they start the treatment. Their patients have always been the most vocal advocates of their clinic, as at Skin Club Australia they feel safe to trust our panel of qualified doctors who come with a wealth of medical knowledge and expertise.

Is It Wise To Go For Botox Treatments?

With the soothing properties of Botox being acknowledged far and wide, there have been reports of younger people, in their teens that are now going for supposed “preventative” Botox. The idea is that the younger you start, the higher the probability of stopping wrinkles before they appear in the first place. Some parents have even started offering injectables to their teens as a reward for doing well in their school exams. It is no advisable to start going for skin fillers and Botox too soon. The procedure in itself is expensive, and it’s pointless to start going for Botox treatments if there are no major signs of aging present. And it’s certainly not recommended for teens that fall under the 18s group.

Does It Hurt To Have Botox Injections?

The pain is generally described to be similar to that of an ant bite and the sting only lasting for a few seconds.

How Long Does Botox Treatment Last?

The results of Botox facial injections predictably last for up to three or four months, but it can last longer when you’re undergoing continuous treatment.

What Is The Possibility Of Anything Going Wrong During The Procedure?

Probable side -effects of Botox are generally limited to the area where you were injected, and they are usually only temporary. Side-effects include:

Occasionally, but rarely the toxin’s effects can spread to other areas away from the injection site, leading to more significant side-effects including issues with breathing, swallowing and speaking due to weakening of the associated muscles which can be harsh in cases where larger dosages of Botox were administered.

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