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Everything you need to know about Instagram video marketing

A couple of years ago, Instagram was dedicated only to pictures. However, the popularity of videos on Instagram is rapidly increasing along with time. This has created an ideal platform for the business owners to launch video marketing campaigns on the social media network. Before you run a video marketing campaign on Instagram, it is recommended for you to have a clear understanding on how it should be done. Then you will be able to end up with positive results, without any hassle.

What are the different types of videos that you can upload on Instagram?

The branding videos are designed to improve brand awareness. You are using these videos to showcase your brand, and what you offer through your brand to the cold audiences. You need to be consistent with the branding videos that you upload, so that you can get the most out of them in the long run.

People prefer to learn new things. Therefore, you can upload tutorial videos on Instagram as well. In here, you are not just explaining the features of a product that you offer. In addition to that, you are also sharing specific information about how to get things done with your products.

Educational videos are used with outbound marketing in order to boost the inbound marketing campaigns. Through these videos, you are sharing knowledge about the industry to the people. However, you are not mentioning anything about the products that you offer. Your main objective is to build credibility under your Instagram account through these videos. If you can buy real Instagram views with InstaGrowing, you can get the best possible results out of this method.

It is also possible for you to go live on Instagram. Through the live videos, you can engage in tutorials, Q&A sessions and answer the doubts or questions that your audience might have about what you offer.

There is a possibility for you to create videos for your marketing campaigns with user generated content. You just need to encourage your audiences to create videos and then you can share those videos to grab more attention from the potential customers.

How to use Instagram videos for marketing?

Now you have a basic understanding about the different types of videos that you can use for your Instagram marketing campaigns. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the ways on how to use them.

You can upload the Instagram videos to your timeline. In here, you have the ability to upload videos up to 60 seconds. All the uploaded videos will be played automatically on your followers’ timelines. You can use multiple videos in a single post. To get the most out of these timeline videos, you are encouraged to create audience focused content. In addition, you need to engage with the audience by replying to their comments as much as possible.

Secondly, you can think about uploading the videos to the stories on Instagram. In here, the duration of a video should be less than 15 seconds. They are played full screen. You can also add emjois and stickers to enhance the attractive nature of these videos. In addition to that, you are encouraged to use the engagement stickers, such as poll stickers, mention stickers, location stickers and hashtag stickers. You can actually tell stories through this method as well.

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