30-03-21, York. Vismo has announced that its Vismo Locate & Protect App, the personal safety tool for lone and other workers, can be used to mitigate tax risks exposed to expat workers by the COVID-19 pandemic and their extended stays in other countries.

“The pandemic has impacted people’s ability to move to and from countries,” says Craig Swallow, CEO, Vismo, “with the result that expat workers could be caught in a higher tax band if they stay longer in one country than originally planned.

“Many organisations have expat workers around the globe, meaning there are tax implications for those employees who find themselves trapped in a country by the pandemic, unable to leave,” Swallow adds. “There are also implications for the employer organisation.

“The app enables employers to know at a glance, at any time, where their expat workers are and how long they have been there, allowing the employer to take a view on whether their stay will push them into a different, typically higher, tax bracket.”

The app is compatible with, and optimised for, a wide range of smartphones and tablets. Location data captured from personal trackers and satellite devices is also catered for.

Users of the app itself do not need to report anything unless they feel at personal risk, when they can activate the app’s alarm function if they wish – or communicate with their employer via other features of the app. They can also report on their state of physical or mental health if they wish via a new wellbeing feature in the app.

Vismo secure portal

All app activities are managed by Vismo’s secure portal, which gives employer organisations a dashboard that provides them with employee location updates on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Via the portal, employers can be alerted to when an employee is approaching the deadline for a stay in a country from a tax liability point of view. Similarly, the portal can be used to alert managers or teams to when an employee changes country.

The Vismo portal can be used to generate reports on a range of subjects relating to employees at home or abroad, as a duty of care towards their employees, expats workers included.

More about Vismo, its apps and secure portal can be found at www.vismo.com

About Vismo

Established in 2012 with offices in York, UK and New Jersey, USA, Vismo provides location monitoring and safety solutions to more than 300 client organisations, helping protect over 450,000 Vismo App users globally. Vismo uses GPS, Wi-Fi access points and cell tower ID to locate and protect individuals locally and globally through the app on smartphones, tablets, personal trackers and satellite tracking devices.

The Vismo App is specifically designed to help employees remain safe, whether they are travelling, lone working away from home or working from home.