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Expert Advice For A Career In Tech

If you are looking for advice on how to jump-start your technology career, then look no further than this blog post written by SecureTeam. SecureTeam has extensive experience working closely with a variety of tech employers and have gained an insight into the type of skills and traits employers are looking for in candidates. 

In this article, we will cover a range of hard skills and soft skills that will help you stand out in your next job interview and integrate well in your new technology job. We will be focusing on four top areas that companies are recruiting for and what skills best fit those roles. 

1. Social Media 

Everyone from a small family bakery to the President of the United States has a social media presence, and more often than not that presence is run by either a social media manager or a team of individuals representing the brand across social media. It is a vital position that represents the company and its brand and requires a wide range of skills to help you handle the various challenges that the position presents. 

Skills that are desired for working in social media include:

  • Customer Service – Any role that involves contact with customers or the public requires a certain amount of finesse. One of the first places a customer will take their complaint is the social media profile of the brand and it might be your job to placate the customer and ultimately resolve their issue. Patience with service users is a necessary skill for many tech jobs, but especially so for social media managers. 
  • Brand Awareness – Knowing how your job impacts the overall brand is essential for work in social media. A mistake or a negative reaction to pressure could damage the brand you are representing and potentially cost you your job. Showing that you can take responsibility for your work and the wider impact it has will help make you stand out as a candidate that will represent the brand responsibly and correctly. 
  • Adaptability – One defining factor of the tech industry is constant change. Showcasing your adaptability is a great way of impressing potential employers in any job application. With so many different social media platforms, you will need to be able to adapt your approach to each one for the best results. 

2. Programming & Coding

For most people, being able to code is a completely alien skill, however, for a career in tech, it comes with a wide range of soft skills that can help impress a potential employer, not to mention the ability to code itself is rather valuable. 

  • Attention To Detail – When it comes to coding and programming a single error can bring the whole project to a grinding halt. Experience in coding shows potential employees that you have a great eye to detail and if you do make mistakes, you catch them before they cause a larger problem. 
  • Problem Solving – Similar to the above example, coding requires a more proactive approach to problem-solving. Being able to think on your feet and find solutions to problems is a desired trait in any career and being able to showcase it to a potential employee will only help your chances. Most interviewers will ask for an example of when you have solved a particular problem so it is a good idea to come to interviews with one prepared. 
  • Self Taught – Being self-taught will only get you so far, but being able to show you are interested in the field, dedicated enough to learn and ready to develop your skills further will mark you out as a candidate that cares about their career development. With the right support, who knows what you can accomplish?   

3. Data Analysis

Data is one of the biggest indicators of a business’ performance and will often influence decision making and brand direction. Data analysts use their technical skillset to gather and analyze data but also require communication skills to report their findings to a larger audience. 

  • Strong Communication Skills – Communication has often been stated as the top area where tech professionals could improve on. It has also been highlighted as one of the most important skills sets needed to advance a career in tech. Good communication skills will help you with customers, colleagues and managers and will help you progress in your chosen career. 
  • Critical & Creative Thinking – Data analysis requires a more creative mind then you would assume. At its core, data analysis means taking a business question or need and turning it into a data question. Then, you’ll need to transform and analyze data to extract an answer to that question. A creative mind will help you adapt to the needs of your work and your employer. 
  • Responsibility – Taking responsibility for your work and your learning will ensure you are always on your employer’s radar. It can be difficult to always aim for excellence, but if you can demonstrate your effort, attention to detail and responsibility, your employer will feel comfortable entrusting you with more important work. 

4. Project Management

When it comes to tech, project management doesn’t have to mean having extensive experience running projects or leading team meetings. Instead, consider things like being one of the main drivers of a project thanks to your specific knowledge or being the one that often communicates between different teams or departments on a project. Often, these types of skills develop without us really realising, but it can be a great way to stand out to a potential employer. 

  • Time Management – Time management is one of those skills that is seen as essential in a wide range of positions. However, if you are interested in a career in technology it is important that you can showcase that you have realistic time frames for tasks and that you complete them promptly. 
  • Planning & Ideation – The ability to plan a project and use creative thinking to think of the right ideas and direction is a skill set that will serve you well throughout your career. Again, you don’t have to necessarily be running the project to showcase these skills. If you can coordinate your timetable with others or highlight priority work to the project manager you will be showcasing your planning skills and wealth to the project. 
  • Career Aspirations – Specializing in a particular area or skill can make you the go-to person for particular work or problems in the workplace. While employers often look for candidates who have a range of experience and skills, they are often looking for a candidate who can fill a specific role. So don’t spread yourself too thin, pick an area that interests you and develop your skills. 

In Summary

The best advice we can give you for any career is to be thoughtful towards your career. If you can find a job you enjoy and are good at, then it won’t feel so much like work each day. If you want to be successful in a tech career, start considering the resources you can use to showcase your skills to potential employers. 

There is a wide range of skills that can make you stand out, but it is up to you to demonstrate them on your CV, covering letter and in interviews. Add context to your skill list and you can really stand out from the crowd. 

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