There are many advantages to growing your small business online. With today’s current government guidelines regarding travelling restrictions, most companies have to increase their online presence to compete with other larger companies. Here are just a few ways that could help improve your effectiveness online with minimal effort.

#1 Promote your brand identity via social media

You can use your social media profile to draw attention to your products and how your company works. In today’s world, your future customers love a good story, and one the promotes a positive image of your ethics, and your products are essential.

Customers want to know how a product has reached them from the point of concept to arriving on their doorstep as much as how that product will improve their lives. A suitable carbon footprint of a product and the company, in general, could also be worth mentioning if it casts you in a more positive light than a larger competitor.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram are the perfect platforms for launching such things; gaining followers for your company will give you a base to sell your products.

#2 Give your website a makeover to make it more user friendly

UX, or user experience, is more important than ever. With more people buying online than ever, there is more choice than ever for them, so if your website looks too complicated or not attractive enough, people will click away. By the same token, if your graphic file sizes are too large and the website takes too long to load – your potential customers will get bored and click away, wasting all of the time and money you spent getting them to this point.

#3 Upgrade to cloud storage 

Making a move to cloud storage can be better for your team to access files and data remotely and remove any restrictions the size of your IT resources had on you moving forward. Providers using services like Nutanix Volumes are easily scalable and adaptable to a business that wants to get bigger.

Not only that, but data security is also typically better and processes for recovering from an online attack are far more robust. Any costs you might associate with this move can be offset against the cost of any future upgrades to your server or network, which will no longer be necessary.

#4 Create a static content structure

The customer buying experience has changed dramatically in recent times, as salespeople no longer influence customers to the same extent that they once were.  Their product research is carried out on the mobile phone, computer, or tablet rather than by asking people in the store.

So, by providing them with valuable content at this research stage of the buying process, you will be exerting a similar influence on that which a salesperson used to have. You will be seen as the authority on the subject and build trust, influencing a buying decision in your favour.