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Fishing: A Good Way to Stay in Tiptop Shape

The delta variant of the coronavirus is one curveball even the best experts of us failed to see coming. The emergence of this new strain of coronavirus in December 2020 didn’t seem like a big deal initially because vaccines were already available. But things aren’t looking too good now. Some are pointing fingers even to President Biden for declaring victory over the virus too soon.

The truth certainly hurts. It’s easy to close one’s eyes and imagine things are better off than before. Even with more than half of the American population vaccinated, the new variant is wreaking havoc all over the country.

To date, the delta variant currently comprises 83% of COVID-19 cases in the United States. Though we may not descend into the chaos that haunted India months back where hundreds of corpses were floated down the Ganges River for lack of means to a proper burial, we’re experiencing rising panic as we speak. As the variant surges across U.S. South, local governments are clamping down again.

Now, if you’re wondering if there’s a way you can stay fit while at the same time have a good time this summer, fret not. Fishing can be just the answer for you. It can get you in tiptop shape – with your immune system in its best form to combat any viral threat. And the best part’s you can bring the whole family with you to check out the waters.

A Great Way to Exercise

Fishing is indeed one hectic hobby. It takes a lot to be able to fish and have a good catch. You start by having to carry fishing equipment which sometimes can be heavy. It is even more strenuous if you have to walk a long distance to the fishing spot. Also, you will have to cast your fishing line, and when you do catch something, you need to reel it all in. All this sums up bodily movement. In short, it’s a timely form of exercise for your body.

As low-impact as these might look, they all have a way of exercising the muscles in your body. It may not look like it but the summation would equate to one good cardiovascular exercise. So if you are not a fan of pure cardiovascular exercises (e.g., jogging, riding a bike, or swimming) fishing is a good option for you should not miss.

Another good thing about fishing is it helps you work on your balance. A good balance is needed to be able to properly reel in a fish. By constantly fishing, you get to condition your body for proper balance. And that adds to your overall fitness too.

Improves Cognitive Function

As fun as fishing can get, there comes a time when you would have to do some thinking and make choices. Fishing doesn’t have fixed principles that always produce the same results. For example, you can catch a big fish in a particular spot one day, and the next time you go to that spot, you catch nothing. This just goes to say you have to be very practical and intuitive.

Sometimes, you will need to change your fishing equipment. For some people, they change their bait from time to time, as well as their rod and spinning reels. You may not change yours as often but make sure you have great equipment.

Great equipment makes fishing a lot more fun and easier for you. Chief amongst these are your spinning reels. Think of it as your primary weapon. One good example of a dependable brand is the Penn battle III spinning reels. This one is truly armed to the teeth. The fact that it is well-built, sturdy, and easy to handle makes fishing easy for people that use it. Small wonder the brand has a very solid following and top-notch reputation.

Helps Deal with Stress and Anxiety

When it comes to keeping your mental health in one piece, think of fishing as you would yoga. It’s one good way to relax. It affords you the opportunity to just sit by the river and relieve yourself of stress. For many people, their worries fade away gradually by engaging themselves in fishing.

One contributing factor is the calmness in the environment. When fishing, the calmness felt helps you feel comfortable and less anxious. Also, the fact that you are around a water body has a calming effect on your mind.

Good Sun Exposure

A good time to go fishing is early in the morning. The feeling you get when the sun is rising is just amazing. Your body also gets to enjoy vitamin D coming from the sun. And this as well helps boost your immune system.

If you’ve been culled up at home for a long time, thanks to the pandemic, it’s about time you enjoy the sun that comes with summer. And what better way to enjoy that than at the river while fishing.

Healthy Source of Food

Obviously, the best part of fishing is when you catch a fish. Truly, there’s a sense of accomplishment and joy that comes with catching a fish. To a large degree, it’s like winning the lottery.

But that’s not all. When you catch fish, you also get to eat fresh, healthy food, not to mention one that’s good for the heart.

Fish happens to be a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids that are very beneficial to the body. They help reduce the risk of high blood pressure and that of having a stroke. Now, without a shadow of a doubt, that’s super-amazing.

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