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NORTH EAST fitness fanatics have revealed that their efforts to stay fit and healthy are dramatically impacted by training in a friendly environment.

A recent survey amongst members of the Benton-based health and wellbeing centre Sound Mind and Body found that 77% of respondents felt that the environment in which they train is very important and can make a real difference, with a third (34%) saying unfriendly staff is the biggest turn-off, over a lack of facilities or complicated equipment.

When considering the most important factor when choosing which gym to join, over 60% said that a relaxing and friendly environment is top of their list, even when considering cost, equipment and location.

While over 80% of those surveyed said their outlook on exercise is positively impacted from the benefits that regular one-to-one personal training sessions with their personal training specialist bring.

Dominic Bowser, senior personal trainer at Sound Mind and Body, says its members are valued as an individual, as the centre practices the philosophy that each individual’s personal training should be as unique as they are.

He said: “We highly value the opinions of our members and believe that it’s always important to gauge their feedback. From the results of our survey, it is clear to see that the environment in which people exercise in is very impactful, along with the friendliness of staff.

“At Sound Mind and Body we strive to create a welcoming and enjoyable environment for our members from our personal training team and concierge staff to creating opportunities for members to bond and support one another.

“It is great to see from our survey that so many members feel we offer a friendly and relaxed environment and that members find Sound Mind Body to be a friendlier gym than any other they have previously trained with.

“We endeavour to support our members throughout their fitness journey with us, so for 90% to say they feel part of a fitness community at our gym is a job well done and a result of the network of support from members of staff and fellow gym members.

“Upon joining Sound Mind and Body, members receive a free consultation from one of our personal training specialists to identify their goals, which are then mapped out into a personalised plan. Following their consultation, members are then paired with the most suitable personal training specialist who will support them with their training and exercise to help them achieve their goals.”

For more information on Sound Mind and Body’s unique approach to achieving health and fitness goals in a friendly and relaxed environment or call 0191 280 9274.