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Five star housebuilder leaves green footprint across region

Local five-star housebuilder Barratt Developments has been leaving green footprints across the region this year through its environmentally conscious attitude towards homebuilding practices. The division built 639 new homes during the entirety of 2018.

A conscious effort was made to support the local environment, with 16,150 trees and shrubs planted or retained on developments and 93% of construction waste being recycled. A further 10.3ha of greenspace was created through publically accessible open space and private gardens.

Neil Milburn, Development Director at Barratt Developments North East, said: “As a five-star housebuilder, sustainable building is a key consideration throughout the development process. We are very aware of the effect our work can have on the local environment and community, and we are extremely dedicated to developing more environmentally friendly processes that take care of the communities we build in.”

“During 2018 alone, 1,716 jobs were generated directly and indirectly through our work, with 450 sub-contractor companies and a further 330 supplier companies supported. What’s more, 90% of our components were manufactured in the UK and £1.7m was made in local contributions to the areas in which we build.”

By Katie

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