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Foreplay is Important to Women – Here’s Why

ByDave Stopher

May 1, 2020

Sex is a fantastic part of so many of our lives and it is the single best way to receive and give pleasure. Sexual preferences and turn-ons are hugely diverse and one of the most exciting things about sex is experimenting and finding out what your partner enjoys. For many people, foreplay is a really enjoyable part of sex, but for women especially, it is often really important. Foreplay helps a woman to become comfortable, to get fully aroused, and to build a trusting connection with her partner. To explain the reasons why foreplay should never be overlooked, this article is a guide to why foreplay is important to women. 

What is Foreplay?

Foreplay is defined as any activity that comes before penetrative sex in order to give pleasure and arouse. This is a very loose definition and what foreplay actually entails varies widely from person to person. Foreplay is often woefully overlooked or underperformed, particularly for men who don’t understand how important foreplay is for a huge number of women. Men and women often function very differently and this affects their sexual behavior. Men are genetically wired towards penetration as in terms of nature, males are designed to spread their seed as widely as possible and so from a purely evolutionary point of view, penetration is the be-all and end-all for males. For women, however, sex is often far more about intimacy, trust, and connection, as from an evolutionary standpoint, the father of a baby will help to protect the infant so it is important for the woman to feel trusting of the man. Of course, we have far transcended the basic natural instincts and our sex lives are reflections of our sophistication. Whilst there are some animals who engage in sex just for pleasure, only humans enjoy it in such a diverse range of preferences and habits. Foreplay is a vital part of the sexual experience and for many people, men and women, it is more important than actual penetrative sex.

What is the Best Way to do Foreplay?

As with any sexual activity, there is no “one size fits all” method for how to do foreplay. Every woman is different and part of the excitement of sex is learning about what your partner likes and what will help to make them aroused and ultimately to climax. It is important to ask your partner what she enjoys but this does not always have to be with words. Touch your partner in different ways and in different places and see how she reacts physically and verbally. Some women like clitoral stimulation with fingers or with oral sex while other women really love other parts of their body to be caressed in order to arouse them.

For many women, the G Spot is very sensitive, and focusing on that can be the best way to arouse a woman and help her to orgasm. The G Spot is an area on the anterior wall of the vagina, that’s just about two inches inside, although its exact location varies from woman to woman. As explained in Promescent’s guide on the best foreplay tips for men, no two women are the same and so never assume that what worked for your last partner will work for your next one. For some women, foreplay is the only way that they are able to reach orgasm or it is necessary to get them close to orgasm so that they can climax later during sex. Keep in mind that foreplay does not just refer to sexual actions, but to anything that can help arousal pre-sex. Foreplay could be a dirty or romantic conversation, kissing, cuddling, or giving and receiving massages. Get to know your partner’s likes and dislikes and you will be able to fully satisfy them every time.

Why is Foreplay Important?

Everybody is different and what turns one person on will not excite somebody else, but generally speaking, it does take women longer to get sexually aroused than it takes a man. Quite often, a man is ready for full penetration as soon as he has an erection, but women are beautifully complex and need more to get them in the mood as well as physically ready for sex. Foreplay helps to relax a woman and increase her mental and emotional arousal. Women often require this in order to trust their partner enough to commit to having sex with them. Think of it as turning her on mentally before you can turn her on physically. Once a woman is mentally and emotionally set, her body tends to follow. In terms of the physical importance of foreplay for women, foreplay will help the woman to relax her body as well as making her wet enough for penetration. Full penetrative sex can be very uncomfortable and even painful for a woman if she is not fully aroused first.

Often, men do not pay enough care and consideration for this and assume that just because they are ready for sex, their partner is too. It is so important for the man to make sure that a woman is totally comfortable and aroused to enhance both partners’ experience. As a man, giving your full attention to foreplay, and not just using it as a means to an end, will maximize your partner’s pleasure and will also show them that you are thoughtful and conscious of her feelings. Whether you are having sex with someone for the first time or you are having it with a long-term partner, foreplay is essential in making it a wonderful experience for both of you. 

As can be seen in this guide, foreplay is so important for women. It helps women to relax, to physically prepare for sex, and to reach orgasm. There is no right or wrong technique or length of time that foreplay should last. Listen to your partner, read her expressions and body language, and explore what feels good for her. Do not think of foreplay as something to get through before the sex begins. It is a vital and intrinsic part of the sexual experience and it should be treated with the due care and consideration that she deserves.