It was yesterday when people associated spas with mudpacks, massages, steam rooms, and body polishes. No one brought up the topic of “teeth” in a spa. There was no scope for mentioning dental upkeep in a traditional spa!

Today, when people search for “dental spas” on Google, they immediately see a list of dental facilities that offer multiple services – some associated with dental health and others related to typical spas. A dental spa might be the place where you can enjoy a foot massage, while licensed dental experts restore your cavity fillings or remove tartar build-up.

Why are dental spas becoming rapidly popular among adults?

Almost all of us can recall fond memories of visiting a spa or salon in recent times. Most of us enter resorts willingly for a day of pampering. However, not even the bravest adults venture into the dental hygienist’s office on their own without a broken tooth or severe toothache.

That is about to change, holding the hands of a spa like dentist in Coral Gables, Miami. Places like these are not only dishing out a luxurious and uber hygienic experience to the visitors but also addressing their dental anxiety. Not visiting the dentist frequently enough can give rise to scores of new complications. By creating a more informal and familiar environment for the target patients, these dental spas are making dental check-ups and cosmetic or general procedures less intimidating.

Should you opt for dental spas?

Currently, the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends the reduction of stress levels in all dentist chambers across the country. Spa-like dentist’s chambers typically offer regular check-ups, dental cleaning, including removal of plaque and tartar, cosmetic procedures, and restorative surgeries. Therefore, these are amenities that appoint practicing dentists. Back in the late 2010s, around 1 in 20 dentists’ offices offered some dental spa-like treatment to their patients. Now the numbers have risen to 3 in 20.

What does a dental spa offer to each client cum patient?

These are secure and licensed facilities that offer more than the general pampering your neighborhood spas provide. Here’s what you can experience at the new-age dental spa –

  1. Paraffin wax treatments
  2. Massage therapies for relaxation
  • Heated seats, heated mitts, weighted blankets, and neck pillows
  1. Aromatherapy
  2. Massage chairs
  3. Complimentary snacks and beverages
  • Suitable entertainment including AR/VR goggles, movies, personal screens, and noise-canceling headphones

These offices look and smell like Four Seasons throughout the year. The spa-like feel reduces the anxiety dentists generally spark in every child and adult.

What more can you expect from a spa-like dentist’s chamber?

Some dental spas take it one notch higher by offer complete concierge services for the guests cum clients. You can make your dinner reservations or hand your phone calls over to staff and take a break from watching your baby while your dentist assesses the status of your dental health!

If you are an adult still debating about whether or not to go in for a dental check-up next week, try a dental spa for a change, the friendly environment and pampering might successfully drive away your fear of dentists.