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Fun, educational activities to keep your child entertained in the run up to Christmas

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Last Stop on the Reindeer Express

The run up to Christmas is stressful for all bar the super-organised and the non-participants. But arguably, it is worst for parents of small children. Not only are you getting the food and drink in and navigating the perils of small children’s Christmas lists on a budget (no Santa cannot make the latest games console in his workshop), there are nativity plays and carol concerts, top secret present wrapping… And if you have gone down the “elf on the shelf” route… well, say no more!

It’s also a stressful time for younger children, who have a massive build-up at nursery and school and are super-excited for the big day, while exhausted from all the extra activities. Add to that parents that are fraught and have less time available to spend with them doing activities or trips out and you can end up with children who are not so full of festive joy!

Then the nurseries and schools break up and there is a massive void to fill before Christmas…

So, if you are looking for an idea to entertain your children with minimal preparation from yourself, which includes reading and creating to keep your child mentally engaged in a calm yet fun way, why not look to Little Hand’s Learning’s sensory Christmas activity box, The Reindeer Express ( The box is the perfect way to feel festive at home with your children and get you all into the Christmas spirit.

The star of the box is the book “Last Stop on the Reindeer Express”, a magical adventure story which includes beautiful illustrations, lift the flap features and peep through pages. The four activities; build a Reindeer Express small world, craft a Christmas ornament, make a reindeer Christmas card and bake Christmas spiced biscuits; all follow the theme with easy step-by-step instructions and all the resources needed are contained within the box, to save any prep time for the busy parents and ensure everyone gets to feel Christmassy.

The book and activities are perfect to pass the time for each of the weekends of advent, or one activity per day in the Christmas holidays before the big day, or even a full day of play, craft and baking on Christmas Eve. Smaller children will need more supervision than older ones, but it should still create some space for mums and dads to get on top of festive preparations (guilt-free). They are ideal for getting you all into the mood of the holiday season.

The Reindeer Express box is available from priced £28.00.

Little Hands Learning was created by two teachers who each have over 20 years’ experience with children of varying abilities. Boxes can be ordered as a one-off, or on a monthly subscription delivered direct to your door.


Little Hands Learning is an educational and eco-friendly subscription box for children aged three to six years. Every month your child will receive an exciting gift in the post containing a beautiful book and everything needed for four engaging and fun activities.

The play-based activities are handcrafted and designed by teachers to focus on key areas of the National Curriculum. The curated books together with the activities help nurture healthy minds and encourage early literacy skills, giving children the best start to their education.



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