When the sun finally comes out and the weather gets warm, you know it’s time to stretch your legs and travel. The world has so many fascinating and wonderful experiences in store for you. All you have to do is go looking for an exciting time.


You might have such an overwhelming list of outdoor activities that you want to partake in that you don’t even know where to get started. Or maybe you’re a first-time adventurer coming into the summer season with an open mind. Either way, if the sun is calling, here are a few ways you can get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air.

See the world from a different view.


Most people are landlocked the majority of their lives. In order to embrace an adventurous spirit, why not spend a little time on the waves? You don’t have to go out on a tiny fishing boat, unless that’s your thing. Heighten your ocean experience on a yacht charter.


Be honest with yourself. Every time you watch a reality TV show where a couple hops on a luxury cruise, you get really jealous. Good news! You can enjoy the luxury of a yacht charter now, too. Pick a beautiful destination like Portugal, and make your dreams a reality, minus all the on-camera drama. For stunning views and a top-notch experience, consider boat hire in Vilamoura. You’ll get to explore the Algarve coastline and all its treasures — like caves and dolphins — all while snorkeling and swimming through the great blue expanse of the sea. Make sure you invite someone special on your boating adventure to Vilamoura.

Get some expert advice.



Sometimes you want to go where your heart is taking you, and sometimes you need to plan your adventures before diving in with both feet. Exploring new locations is both exciting and daunting if you’re not a local. You don’t want to waste your time in a stunning destination not doing the best of what the city has to offer! Join a community of travelers in order to get some expert advice.


If you’re looking for things to do in Montreal or where to get the best poutine, you don’t want to just get stuck with all of the other tourists. Expert travelers will know which tourist locations to check out in Old Montreal and what to do for an incredible time. Have you ever thought about taking a walking tour to find street art? If you really want to know a city, it’s important to see it through the local’s eyes. Street art is an expression of culture and a great way to learn more about the culture of a neighborhood. What time of year are you going? The smart traveler knows that outdoor festivals are always a must to check out.

Be a good sport.


If you’ve always loved sports, summer’s the best time to take advantage of that interest. Indoor soccer’s cool, but why not get out there, dig in, and advance your training? Do you know what’s even more fun than outdoor activities? Winning!


Local sports academies can help you boost your game and physical fitness in the process. You’ll carry the gains you see by participating in one of the many programs the whole year long. Set yourself up for success. Sign up for baseball, softball, or lacrosse and play with people who are as passionate as you and take your outdoor activities to the next level.

Find a new kind of balance.



Water skiing is great if you like the thrill of high speed, but some prefer their water sports a little slower while enjoying their time out of the water. Move at your own pace, while peering into clear waters on a paddleboard. You’ll get to make discoveries on your own terms and maybe relax a little while you’re at it.


If you’ve never been on a paddleboard, it does take a little bit of skill. Before buying one yourself, pop by for some stand up paddle boarding lessons. Learn how to roll with the waves. Rent the equipment until you feel confident. Once you’ve found your balance, you can get a customized board that reflects your free summer spirit.

Safeguard your fun.


It’s important to stay loose with your plans and be flexible, but if you’re leaving your local area to enjoy the weather, make sure your plans are always going to pull through no matter what. Life can be unpredictable. While you might be thinking about tubing or spending time at your favorite amusement park, sometimes the world has other plans. Safeguard your trip by buying travel insurance. Plan for a rainy day. The sun will be there later as long as you can get your money back in case of an emergency.

Prepare for the rays.


The fun in the sun has to stop if you don’t take care of your skin properly. No one has a good time looking or feeling like a cooked lobster. If you know you’re going to be spending a significant amount of time outside, the best thing is to make sure you pack your sunscreen. Pop a travel size in your bag or in the trunk of your car for spontaneous outdoor frolics.


If you’re not into wearing something that feels greasy, try alternative sun blocks that come in powders. Set an alarm, so you don’t get caught up in a good time and forget to reapply. If the sun’s particularly intense, cover up or laze under the roof of an outdoor bar. You’ll stay safe and comfortable all day long, so you can get right back out the very next day.

Get the beach bod of your dreams.


Summer is the time to show a little extra skin. You’re always beautiful, but if you want to boost your confidence, shoot for some body positive goals. Before your outdoor excursion, hit the gym a couple of extra times, or try to challenge yourself in your workout with a heavier set of weights. Eat healthy leading up to the trip, so you can let your hair down a little without any added guilt. Taking care of yourself beforehand means you can hit up as many food trucks and eat as much at brunch as your heart desires. If you’re in Montréal, you can get yourself some poutine at a café, too. If you feel great in your own skin, you’ve got the perfect beach bod.

The more the merrier.


Finding some time to reconnect with yourself in the great outdoors is important, even if it’s just taking a stroll in the park to check in with how you’re doing. That being said, it’s always more exciting to have someone else along for the ride. Invite a friend to meet up with you for your favorite outdoor activities. Try something new together that strengthens your friendship, like archery or kayaking. Having someone with you can help you find your adventurous spirit and coax you out of your shell. Even if something doesn’t go as planned, you’ll have someone to laugh about it with.

Pack for when the sun goes down.


You might be so focused on your sunny days that you forget about your summer nights. Make some reservations, pack a few fancier outfits, and hit the local bars and nightlife hotspots. If you’re single, consider swiping through a dating app to see if you can meet up with someone for some dancing and flirting. If you’re with friends or family, check to see if there are any shows happening in the evening. Immerse yourself in the community. You might find a new favorite comedian or band.