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The mobility of the future is being created by consistent research and strategic development. The SEDRIC autonomous concept car, self-driving transport units for goods deliveries, learning assistance systems, augmented-reality technology for enhanced safety in road traffic, 3D printing procedures, the transformation of engine heat into electricity, vehicle sensors to measure air quality and innovative methods for developing batteries for electric vehicles are among the projects that Volkswagen Group Research is presenting at the Mobility Day 2018 and which will define mobile life in the future.

Volkswagen Group Research is defining the trajectory for innovations that will exert a defining influence on the mobility experience of tomorrow. It carries out fundamental scientific research work, identifies relevant trends and acts as an incubator and driver of ideas for the entire company. “Our central function is to drive forward innovations with the objective of offering our customers throughout the world products and services with outstanding technology,” commented Axel Heinrich, Head of Volkswagen Group Research.

The Future Mobility Day 2018 provides an insight into the diversity of the topic areas that are covered by Volkswagen Group Research. It also gives exclusive perspectives on current research and development processes. Staff at Group Research will present a selection of projects with a particularly high level of innovation on the test track of the Volkswagen Group at Ehra-Lessien. These presentations will focus on projects from the areas of autonomous driving, drive technology, artificial intelligence and innovative research applications.

Augmented reality, specially developed algorithms, advanced sensor systems and artificial intelligence will pave the way for fully automated driving. The SEDRIC (SElf DRIving Car) provides a comprehensive demonstration of the potential for these technologies. SEDRIC has meanwhile become familiar throughout the world as the epitome of autonomous driving. SEDRIC is being presented in its latest development stage at the Future Mobility Day. For the first time, media representatives will have an opportunity to get to know the driving experience in the concept car. The Volkswagen Group is structuring the transformation of the company from being purely a vehicle manufacturer to the provider of integrated mobility solutions through the innovations and new digital services created in the course of developing a Self Driving System (SDS).

Furthermore, demonstrations will be given of new drive technologies for passenger cars and commercial vehicles which will allow additional progress to be made in the area of consumption and emission reduction. Innovative test and development methods for high voltage batteries to power electric vehicles will be presented in the sphere of local emission-free mobility.

Innovative seating systems and lighting concepts to enhance wellbeing on board a vehicle will also be among the topics presented on the Future Mobility Day, alongside a model for recording environmental data by automobiles. This project uses the data recorded by vehicle sensors in order to generate air quality maps in real time that are required in modern metropolises. This is therefore another example of how work carried out at Volkswagen Group Research has always been for the benefit of intelligent automobiles and Smart Cities now and in the future.

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