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Get Rid of Feet Pain with These 7 Easy Exercises

ByDave Stopher

May 27, 2021

Many people in their lifetime experience ankle or foot pain at some point. If you keep your feet strong, it can help alleviate the soreness and improve overall flexibility and health. Regularly stretching and exercising the ankles and feel can ensure that the muscles should provide the desired support to your body. The exercises can alleviate the range of motion in your legs and allow the person to be active throughout the day.

The foot exercises are never complicated and are quite simple. Therefore, they can be performed at home and should be included as a regular exercise routine:

Seven easy exercises to get rid of your feet pain:

1. Toe Stretch:

A wide range of motion is important, and the exercise also has three stages and is best designed for relieving pain and stretching the toes. For experts advice try visiting www.yourfootclinic.com.au to get immediate assistance and relief.

Let’s start with the toe stretching exercise:

  • Sit straight on a chair and place your feet flat on a mat or floor.
  • Now bring your right foot on the right thigh and allow it to rest.
  • With the help of your finger, you can try stretching your big toe down and up and sideways.
  • Try keeping your big toe in every position for five seconds.
  • Repeat your actions ten times before you switch to your other foot.

2. Toe Curls:

Performing toe curls can help build flexor muscles for feet and toes and improve your overall strength. They are easy and can be done regularly for quick response.

Let’s get started with toe curls:

  • Sit on a chair straight and align your feet flat towards the floor.
  • Now lay your towel in front of your body on the flower with the shorter side facing the feet.
  • Next, place your toes on the shorter side of the towel and grasp it between the toes and try pulling it. Repeat this at least five times before you switch your toes.
  • If you want to try harder, try weighing down the opposite towel end with the help of an object.

3. Marvel pickup:

The exercise is perfect for providing strength to the muscles underneath your toes and feet.

  • Start with sitting up on the chair and laying your feet flat towards the chair.
  • Now place an empty bowl and another bowl consisting of 20 marbles in front of your feet.
  • With the help of a toe, now pick up every marble and then place it in the other bowl.
  • Repeat these exercises until all the marbles are transferred to the other bowl and repeat with the other foot.
  • Doing the marble pickup can increase strength in the muscles on the undersides of the feet and toes.

4. Toe curl, raise and point.

The exercise is completed in three stages and will strengthen all parts of the toes and feet.

  • Sit straight on a chair and lay your feet flat towards the floor.
  • Now raise your heels and continue till the feet’ balls remain on the floor.
  • Hold it for five seconds. Then, for the second stage, raise your heels to the point that only the tips of the first and second toes touch the ground.
  • Hold for five seconds. Now for the third stage, raise your heels and start curling inwards so that the toe’s tips touch the floor and hold for five seconds.
  • It helps in increasing mobility and flexibility, repeating every stage ten times.

5. Sand Walking:

Walking on the sand with bare feet is an amazing way to strengthen and stretch your calves and feet. It is a good exercise, but always remember that sand’s soft texture can make walking quite demanding. For sand walking, head towards a desert, beach, or any other location filled with sand. Take off your socks and shoes. Walk as much as possible.

6.Toe Extension:

It is quite useful in treating or preventing plantar fasciitis, which is a condition that can cause pain in a heel while walking with raising toes.

  • Sit straight on a chair and place your right foot on the left thigh.
  • Pull your toes towards your ankle. You should feel the stretching along the heel cord and feet.
  • Hold on for about 10 seconds, and massage your foot arch while stretching can help ease pain and tension.

7. Bending Toes:

Easy to practice regularly and can allow your toes to strengthen and strong. Place the heels on the floor with the toes pointing towards the air. Now bend your toes in the downward direction and hold for a few seconds and relax then. Next, bend your toes in the upward direction and hold for a few seconds. Repeat five times.