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Getting your garden ready for summer

19171With indifferent weather expected this summer, homeowners should be taking advantage of rare days in the garden, instead of tending to the lawn, according to the UK’s largest supplier of artificial grass.

Popularity amongst artificial grass has soared in recent times due to its quality, durability and relative low maintenance, which is why Dan Foskett, managing director of Grass Direct, is advising families to consider installing artificial grass ahead of the summer months.

Dan said: “The artificial grass market has grown considerably over the last few years as people are beginning to see the many benefits associated with it and shows people are looking for an alternative. A summer in the UK can be frustrating as the weather is so temperamental, so people would much rather enjoy precious time in the garden with family and friends when the weather is nice, instead of maintaining the lawn.

“Artificial grass, opposed to a natural lawn or plot of grass, requires very little maintenance which is advantageous, especially for working families, who don’t really have the time to maintain their gardens on a regular basis. It is also a lot more durable than natural grass and the different types of artificial turf can suit any setting with its aesthetic qualities and safe nature.”

Mr Foskett added: “After a downpour, there is no worry of tracking mud or any maintenance required afterwards, unlike with grass, which tends to grow faster after a long spell of rain and as result, requires further mowing and cutting. With artificial grass there is no need to mow the lawn or to spend money on equipment, such as lawn mowers or strimmers, so it has proven to be a cost effective solution.”

Grass Direct has an extensive range of artificial grass types, ranging from budget to elite options, all of which are child and animal friendly.

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