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Getting TV Ready for Christmas

A local aerial and satellite company is gearing up for its busiest time of year and is urging people not to leave requirements for over the Christmas period too late, due to a huge surge in demand for services at this time of year.

ATV Aerial and Satellite Company works for individuals and organisations. The team fit and repair aerials, dishes, cabling, broadband boosters and other equipment to ensure, be it in a private residence or in a communal building, that everyone can enjoy the best TV quality possible.

Grant Smith, owner of the company that is based in Whitley Bay and services the TV needs of the entire region, gives advice here on getting TV ready for the festive period:

“As Christmas approaches and the dark nights draw in bringing weather changes, we are more inclined to want to snuggle down and enjoy a good night of TV. Indeed, one of the most exciting days of the year is when the Christmas edition of the Radio Times is released and we can all plan our festive viewing!

“Now imagine the disappointment of the family, the team in your office or residents in a care home, when the TV picture quality is poor, or even fails completely. It’s just not worth the risk is it?

“The wet and windy weather at this time of year plays havoc with aerials and dishes, so it is always worth a health check to make sure your viewing is not going to be put at risk. Get that booked in, in the 6 week run up to Christmas to make sure it is all working and robust, well in time.

“If you are moving away from Sky to other channels such as Amazon and Netflix, then make sure to get broadband boosters and 4g uplifts from a qualified provider like ourselves so you can stream to your TV no problem, even when most of the household and neighbourhood is on WiFi too!

“Many people also buy TV’s for gifts – we can open the box, get you all set up, and return to the box safe and sound for wrapping – this means on Christmas morning, it is a case of unwrapping, switching on and off you go! Black Friday is also fast coming at the end of November, and lots of people get bargain TV’s over this period meaning it’s a busy time. If you are planning to invest, and are worried about set up, then do get in touch so you can enjoy your new TV as soon as possible… it’s no good to anyone sat in a box.

“Many people also decorate in the run up to Christmas so make sure your appointment is in, for a retuning, repositioning or maybe you will go for a wall hanging position for your TV? Either way make sure that you don’t leave it to chance and that you optimise your viewing pleasure over the festive period.

“Many communal buildings such as flats, apartments, care homes and offices can need some TLC at this time of year too. The damp and weather can affect anything from your wiring, aerial and dish… it is really worth getting an opinion whether anything needs replacing before you lose service!”

You can secure your slot with ATV aerial and Satellite Company by calling Jayne on 0191 2524308 or visiting www.atv-aerialsatellitewhitleybay.co.uk or www.atvaerialandsatellitecompany.co.uk