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Getting Your Dental Surgery Ready for the Holiday Season

When you think of the holiday season, you don’t typically think of the dentist, but this doesn’t mean that your dentistry can’t go all out this year with the seasonal spirit. It’s a great time of year to spread good cheer and happiness, so why shouldn’t this extend to your dental surgery?

If you are a fan of the holiday season, then it’s all the more reason to bring the festive spirit into the dental office! Here’s how you can do it tastefully.

1.    Seasonal Offers

Everyone loves a bit of discount, and so will your patients who come to visit you, prosthodontist In Altamonte Springs. If you offer cosmetic treatments at your surgery, why not offer discounted teeth whitening treatments as a gift option? Specially designed toothbrushes with festive designs would go down a treat, as would Christmas treats that are good for your teeth.

2.    Tooth-Themed Decorations

Ordinary festive decorations work well enough, but themed décor is much more interesting! There are plenty of Christmas decorations that feature angels and fairies that can easily be transformed with a bit of DIY to look like tooth fairies, and they would fit right in at a dentistry.

Put a smile on your patients’ faces with tooth-themed decorations so they can see all the hard work you’ve done.

3.    Prepare for the New Year Rush

While the period before the New Year is all about fun and festivities, you should also take the time to make sure that you are prepared for all the new patients that may arrive within the new year. With new year’s resolutions comes new patients.

Suppliers may have time off during the Christmas period, so you should ensure that you have all your dental supplies from ahead of time and avoid the trouble of shortages during the busiest time of year!

4.    Treat Your Employees

Your employees work tirelessly all year round, so it is time to reward them for all the hard work and effort they’ve put in to making sure the dental office runs smoothly. Any of these festive ideas would work as a fantastic reward for a great year working together:

Celebrate all your successes together!

5.    Design a Season Flyer for Protecting Your Teeth

The holiday season is known as the time of year when you eat the most, and this can be harmful for your teeth. This provides you with the perfect opportunity to create a flyer with your dentistry’s advice for strong and healthy teeth this holiday season. Children especially eat many treats at this time of year, so you can use this chance to appeal to parents as well.

Send the flyer to your patients however you like: in the post, on the community board, in your dental office and in other local shops, on your website, or on your social media. There’s plenty of ways for you to get the message out there and gain some exposure for your business.

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