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Ghost Team Spooked by Black Bull Pub Spirits


Jul 1, 2015 #Ghost, #North East, #Pub

BB2On the night of Monday June 29th 2015, a team of North East ghost investigators were called to visit The Black Bull Pub, Wolsingham, by landlady Lyndis Bell…..it was a night they will never forget. Led by Dean Maynard, the team had unrestricted access across the pub, and investigated all corners ready to record any usual activity that the team may experience. Dean also used the live Twitter app, Periscope, to let the public view and interact with the investigation live as it happened. Starting in the room at the top, the group were asked to, “say the name Jeff” by Heather, who was watching the live feed from her home. As soon as Dean said the words, the live feed cut out the EMF meter went straight to Red, (the highest it can go) and team member Charlie said he felt instantly cold and like, “someone was stood behind him” The team re-grouped in the bar area to discuss their findings and immediately heard footsteps, clicking noises and the sound of a seat being sat in. At this point Dean was asked by the people watching on Periscope to “ask for a ‘John Duckett” As soon as his name was mentioned, team member Jemma got very emotional and had to go outside air. Both EMF meters also went into meltdown. Fiona then said she heard a dog yelp. There were no dogs in the building. Jemma later said, “His name seemed way too familiar to me and then I was overwhelmed with emotion and couldn’t stop myself from bursting out crying. It was so strange” The team found out that John Duckett was a Catholic Priest, at a time when it was forbidden to worship or to have Catholic churches or schools. Whilst on his way to baptise two children near Wolsingham, he was arrested by Roundhead soldiers at Redgate Head.

The date was the 2nd July 1644. John Duckett was hung, drawn and quartered at Tyburn on September 7th, 1644

John was 31 years old and had been a priest for only five years. His hand and some of his clothing were recovered as relics, but as they had to be hidden, no one knows to this day where they are to be found. This was a night that not only shocked the watching public but Dean’s experienced team. Dean concluded: “I have investigated some strange experiences, whilst ghost hunting, but this has to be the spookiest. It was a very bizarre night”


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