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Gian Luca Rana, entrepreneur and CEO of Pastificio Rana

Businessman Gian Luca Rana has been at the helm of Pastificio Rana for more than 35 years, and it doesn’t end there. Thanks to his strategic and international vision, he’s also made a name for himself in the Italian business world, taking Rana from an artisanal business to a globally-recognised company. This growth is reflected in the company’s performance, as well as its job creation figures.

Let’s look at Rana Group’s key achievements under Gian Luca Rana’s leadership – over which time the company has consolidated ongoing growth in turnover – and examine Rana Group’s hopes for the coming years.

2020 turnover

2020 saw the fruits of the commitment, planning and investment Pastificio Rana made in a year marked by pandemic-induced complexities and challenges.

Led by Gian Luca Rana, the company achieved a turnover of 900 million euros, representing an annual rate of return 16.3 percentage points higher than 2019.

Achieving such growth would be considered a resounding success for any company, but to do so in a year as challenging as 2020 is testament to the planning and commercial strategies executed. This skilful implementation of initiatives was such a success that it has become a shining example to other corporations.

Investment plan

Like any successful company, Pastificio Rana knows the key to increased profits lies in investment, which should be seen precisely as such – investment – rather than costs. This was behind the company’s 2020 decision to invest 65 million euros.

The Rana Group investment plan, put forward by CEO Gian Luca Rana and backed by managers and collaborators, saw all efforts being concentrated into updating and improving production, with a particular focus on Italian production plants.

Let’s break it down: 60% of the investment plan was allocated to the above, whilst the remaining 40% went towards production plants in Chicago. Through a process of rigorous research, the company looked at strategies to develop bigger and better technologies aimed squarely at market innovation.

And the proof is in the results. It’s clear that the measures taken by the group, with Gian Luca Rana at the helm, have had a resoundingly successful impact within the industry.

2019 vs. 2020

Comparing 2020 data with figures from 2019, the first thing that stands out is that the American market was key to the company’s sales in 2020. Proof can be seen in the figures for this market: a 364 million dollar turnover for 2020, representing an impressive 33% growth on 2019.

Let’s look at the data for the company’s financial performance in 2019 and 2020 in more detail:

EBITDA: 106.1 million euros (33.9% increase on 2019)

Profit: 47.7 million euros (47% increase on 2019)

Growth from 2012 to 2020

The company, under Gian Luca Rana, has had a presence on the American market for 8 years, commencing operations in 2012. There have been highs and lows since – as on the market as a whole – but this project has had what it takes to forge ahead victoriously.

By 2020 the company had tripled its 2013 income, and the signs are there for this upward trajectory to continue – and improve – in the coming years.

Brief history of the company

Let’s not forget that Pastificio Rana took its first steps into the industry in Italy back in 1962, specifically in San Giovanni Lupatoto, Verona. Originally founded by Giovanni Rana, the company then handed over the reins to Gian Luca Rana, who has expertly navigated the world’s largest producer of fresh filled pasta to its position as a worldwide market leader over the last 35 years.

Selling products across 64 countries, the company now has over 4,500 employees. Another recent highlight is its foray into hospitality, opening 23 restaurants across Italy and one in Berlin.

Over the course of 30 years, internationalisation has always been seen as a commercial ally, serving as a key driver for success. Today, it has eight factories; five of which are in Italy, two in the USA, and one in Belgium.

There’s no doubt that Gian Luca Rana’s expert leadership has been key to the success of the company, now a market leader.