GLOBAL iced drinks manufacturer, Polar Krush, has pledged to remove all single use plastic from its range by the end of the year.

With efforts outlined by the Prime Minister for a plastic free future in supermarket aisles, Polar Krush has announced a three stage plan to ensure that the company is ocean friendly within the next 12 months.

The first stage is to work with their customers by offering the refillable PAW cups, a favourite with children and much kinder to the environment.

From mid-March 2018, Polar Krush will be offering cups, lids and straws made from a vegetable source called PLA, followed by development on a paper based spoon straw which is planned to become company standard. PLA looks and feels just like clear plastic but is made from corn, making it completely compostable with household waste.

In addition to PLA merchandise, Polar Krush continues to lead the field in innovation and product development as it looks to implement a variety of edible cups in an industry first. These products, which include cups made from jelly, wafer and rice paper, will be available globally by the end of the year.

Paul Goldfinch, managing director of Polar Krush said, “We are at the forefront of innovation in our industry and plastic is a global issue that we need to tackle head on.

“Since the beginning, environmental sustainability has always been at the heart of the company. Our customers are predominantly children and families and as a company we care about protecting the world that they are inheriting. The first stage of our plan is already in action with all current Polar Krush cups, lids and straws being fully recyclable; our cups are also already once recycled as they are made from PET plastic. As a company we encourage clients to take only multi-use PAW cups with their syrup orders allowing families to refill rather than use wasteful, single-use plastic cups.”

Alongside helping customers to make more environmentally conscious decisions, Polar Krush has committed to reducing the amount of plastic being used during distribution from its North East factory.  In 2018 the company is introducing recyclable cartons and collapsible bags in place of traditional plastic bottles to deliver the brand’s unique sugar free concentrate to its clients across the globe. The Polar Krush drink is delivered to suppliers as a concentrate, meaning six litres of finished product can be produced for every one litre shipped, minimising packaging waste further.