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Global taxi market bounces back: Taxi Butler’s Industry Report shows 72.69% growth by Q2 next year

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – 10th November 2021Taxi Butler today unveiled their Global Industry Trends Report, a comprehensive paper that highlights dynamic trends in the taxi industry across the globe. This first edition of the report, ‘A 3-year impact analysis on the taxi market: before, during and after COVID-19’, presents data on how the taxi industry was impacted throughout the pandemic. The Global Industry Trends Report can be viewed and downloaded for free on their website.

With the easing of travel bans in most areas of the world from December 2020 and throughout 2021, the paper highlights that the overall increasing trend of taxi bookings is encouraging for the industry and will likely continue. The findings put forward that global B2B taxi bookings will almost double (+72.69%) by Q2 2022, as compared to January 2021, signifying that the industry will be back on track and almost fully recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic, (providing that there are no new COVID-19 restrictions in the future).

Speaking about the report, the Co-founder of Taxi Butler, Steven Blom, mentions “Having partnered through this pandemic as ONE, we wanted to understand how it impacted our industry, how to get out of this situation together and what we can expect in the near future. We are positive about the future of the industry, and according to the numbers, the B2B taxi market should be back on track somewhere around Q2 2022, if all goes well”.

The present findings also look at the toughest period for the industry, notably from February 2020, the last ‘normal’ month before COVID-19 restrictions, to April 2020, when restrictions were in full effect, where the industry saw a 91.35% collapse in bookings.

The report also analyses taxi booking trends in four major regions: the UK & Ireland, North America, Australia & New Zealand, and Europe. The UK and Ireland saw the most significant decline, from February to April 2020, losing 96.48% of their B2B taxi bookings, followed by Europe at 94.83%, Australia and New Zealand at 85.30%, and North America at 81.21%.

Laurence Docherty, Head of Sales at Taxi Butler, adds, “By offering our one-click taxi booking devices to venues around the world, and by supporting local taxi companies, we’re able to identify trends and shifts in passenger preferences towards travel. Since the pandemic, the industry has been able to bounce back and adapt and will continue to thrive in the future. The resilience and the strong urge for business stability has seemed to become a reality. 2022 holds a very positive outlook for the industry as a whole, and we’re hoping that this report can help businesses understand the global taxi industry even better.”


About Taxi Butler

The Taxi Butler is a unique one-click taxi booking device that makes booking taxis easier for venues like hotels, bars, restaurants. Built for taxi companies and designed with venues in mind, the taxi booking device helps to reduce taxi company call centre costs, generate more automated bookings, and gain and sustain business with local venues. Taxi Butler’s vision is to facilitate the connection between taxi fleets, local businesses and passengers and to connect them as ONE.

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