• Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

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Go North East bus worker steps forward to support the North East Ambulance Service during coronavirus pandemic

During the coronavirus crisis, there have been many challenges and bus company Go North East, like many other employers across the UK, had to temporarily furlough some team members in response to there being less work and to protect jobs in the longer term.

Many of these team members have now returned to work, but whilst on furlough they have made good use of their time, including Nathan Carr, who works in the company’s recruitment and training department.

Nathan, aged 49, stepped forward to provide support for the North East Ambulance Service during the coronavirus pandemic.

He provided vital support for their Scheduled Care Service, working alongside the ambulance service’s staff to clean and drive patient transport vehicles.

Nathan has now returned to his day job at Go North East but is now considering future volunteering roles with the North East Ambulance Service around this.

Commenting on his time volunteering, he said: “I thought that it was important to keep busy and do something that would benefit the community, and this provided me with an opportunity to try something I would never have otherwise had the chance to do.

“My family were a bit apprehensive at first as I was willingly putting myself on the frontline and potentially placing us at greater risk of catching coronavirus but I always felt well prepared, with PPE to keep me as safe as possible and I was never put in a situation where I felt at risk.

“I’ve loved every minute of it, particularly being able to get out and deal with the public. I’ve worked with some fantastic people and learnt a lot. These guys are out on the frontline but what really stuck out for me was how willing they are to just get on with their jobs and put themselves second to everyone else. Overall, it’s been an absolutely amazing experience!”

To find out more about Go North East visit www.gonortheast.co.uk and for information about volunteering for the North East Ambulance Service head to www.neas.nhs.uk.