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Guideline for Bedroom interior Decoration

ByDave Stopher

Jul 28, 2020 #property

A place where love resides, family gather and laughter never ends is the home. Everyone wants an up to date place to live. Because we all have a dream house where we want the latest renovation & spend all of our life in. There is no alternative to home, it is our world where we can do everything we want to do. The interior of the room always expresses the people who live there. Natural projection of the soul is the interior of the room, which you design as you like.

Bedroom is a place where you spend your valuable time. It is a place where you can feel relaxed, happy and comfortable. If it is decorated according to your choice it’s like a heaven for you. Up and downs come in life and it is the best companion where you can live & express your emotions. A room should never permit an eye to focus at one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy. There are a number of ways you can add an aesthetic touch to the place, such as by using duvet sets, matching curtains, and indoor plants. In this article we will discuss how to design your dream room in the best possible way.

Paint and flooring

The soul is directly influenced by the power of color. These are like features which follow the changes of emotions. Paint and floor of the room express the personality of the person who lived there. Mostly some sophisticated colors used for giving a decent and stylish look. Vibrant colors used only for jolly people and for kids. Wooden, tiles and carpeted floors are commonly applied that match with interior that give an enchanting look to the place. Colors leave the effects on the mood & help to forget the tensions and create a calm atmosphere.


To give the complete finishing to your interior, curtains and draperies are very important. That makes the complete look to any place. Every folding of the curtain contains a lot of secrets of your place. Several types of them like pencil plate, blackout, pinch plate, shears are used to hang in front of windows. Different fabrics like silk, velvet, jacquard, linen etc are used for making them. You can choose curtains of your own choice but remember that blackout curtains are very beneficial for bedrooms. They are layered or insulated which control the outside noise, light, climatic changes and provide complete privacy.


The main part of the interior that helps to enhance the beauty is the furniture. Select the furniture according to the demand of the room. Don’t make it over loaded or it will create a messy look. Choose only selected items that are simple and match with other things of the room.

If there is a single bedroom put one settee or if double places 2 settee and room chairs and a coffee or center table. Also set a couch on the foot side of the bed. Bed is the focal point of every bedroom.  A person spends one third of their life in bed so it should be comfortable and soft. Because a sound mind and healthy body depends on the proper sleep.

For a perfect sleep, bedding plays a vital role and helps to improve the sleeping habit. We all have different duvet cover sets at home that we change whenever we want or according to the mood swings. Duvet sets can be used in all the seasons. They are for all seasons that depend on the filling of the duvet. There are several types of duvet sets available in the market with their accessories which can give an elegant look to the bedding. Duvets are the main focus on the bedding which attracts and defines the overall design. Set a decorative or fur throw on the foot side that gives the soft and royal effects at first look.

Room plants

Plants have deep effects on your life and bring you close to nature. Put a pot of flowering green plants in your room to bring positivity and hope in your life. They are good companions and natural meditation. They purify the air and remove the harmful chemicals from it. They also help you to get fresh oxygen.

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