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H10 – The Heart Rate Monitor Sensor That Is As Professional As You Are

ByDave Stopher

Jun 11, 2020

The Introduction

Many of us have to keep tabs on our heart rate activity, especially for the doctor. And, now there are several gadgets as well as several apps available in the market to help us with monitoring our heart rate.

However, some monitor their heart rate while working out too. Most people are into monitoring their heart rate during running or jogging. 

However, this isn’t done for professional reasons. On the other hand, there are a set of people who need to monitor their heart rate, especially during workouts.

Why would you want to monitor your heart rate during work-out?

These are usually athletes, marathon runners, or even triathletes. These guys are into hard-core training. More importantly, they are professionals.

They do need to continuously monitor their heart rate during work-outs too. They need to do this as they need to figure out how much are they pushing their bodies

And, if they can train harder. Also, their progress is monitored by their trainers and doctors to evaluate their improvement.

So, why can’t these individuals just use a heart rate monitor wrist band?

Firstly, they don’t need readings throughout the day. Regular folks don’t train as hard as these guys. Thus, they know that at no time during their day, their wrist heart rate monitor is going to just fall off because they were training so strenuously.

And, more importantly, they need chest straps because these gadgets give a far more accurate reading than a heart rate monitor wristwatch.

Why does a chest strap give more accurate readings than anything else?

Simply because these chest straps are closest to the heart. Also, they are strapped on with a belt that has silicon nodules to hold the belt in place on your chest. 

Furthermore, the Polar H10 comes with easily adjustable plastic fasteners. Moreover, you cannot move the electrodes from where they are positioned, exactly next to the heart, so you know that you won’t be messing with the readings.

Are there any other advantages to using a chest strap Bluetooth heart rate monitor sensor?

Most wristband-based heart rate monitors are tied to the tracker’s app and just a few third-party apps. This, however, is not true for Polar H7 or the Polar H10.

The H10 works with Bluetooth and ANT+ devices and connects with a wide range of training, fitness, and health-related apps. So, don’t worry that your heart rate monitor is not compatible with other devices.

Are there other reasons why professionals go for H10?

The Polar H10 Bluetooth heart rate monitor sensor comes with a recorder that can store data for up to 65 hours. This means that you won’t miss a single beat, and even if you miss out on the live cover, you can just go back to the recording to evaluate your progress.

In Conclusion

In recent years individuals have become very serious about their health. So, you find people investing in H10 even when they aren’t athletes. 

The trend shifted as people are more interested in getting accurate readings and being able to hook up with multiple health apps to keep their heart rate under control. Also, the H10 is far more comfortable to have around your chest for more a few hours.

We can only hope that you’ll look around before you buy a heart rate monitor sensor and that you’ll find this H10 review helpful.