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Halo Solutions today launches the world’s first combined incident management platform 

which includes radio

Event safety specialist Halo Solutions has today launched the world’s first combined incident management platform with video calling, video recording, image sharing, ticket scanning and crucially: radio.

Halo Talk is the key to finally unlocking the communications problems of security at venues and events in the past with overcrowded radio channels, unregulated WhattsApp Groups and untrustworthy spreadsheets. The system’s radio provision is ‘Push-over-Cellular’ and therefore has global reach, fundamentally changing the location of control rooms, how they function and their business continuity/resilience options.

The new system was installed for NHS and their subcontractors in the fight against COVID in January across two hospitals and three vaccine sites in the South West and is now being rolled out across the world.

Halo Solutions’ CEO and Co-Founder, Lloyd Major, says: “The Halo System is the first to roll out this type of multi-channel integration. Distilling the many lines of communication into the control room for one, easy to use, multi-award winning, life-saving platform.

“No longer do venues and organisers have to pay for separate radio systems, suffer un-trustworthy spreadsheets, unregulated WhatsApp Groups, or expensive ticket scanning systems. Our suite of modules and our groundbreaking Halo hub mean everything is integrated which makes for a much smoother experience.”

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