A DISTRAUGHT pet owner has issued an appeal after her beloved parrot took a tumble out of an open window.

Charlie, the African Grey parrot, has been missing since January 24, when he escaped through the bathroom window of his owner Marie Parkin’s home in Cockerton, Darlington.

“We’re normally really careful but the bathroom window was open,” said Marie. “Charlie flew onto the windowsill and just sort of fell out.”

The pet parrot flew into a neighbour’s garden, but a blackbird chased him out, and he fled into the trees near the Bates Avenue entrance to the Cockerton allotments.

“He stayed there and we waited overnight with him, hoping he’d come down, but when the sun came up, we found out that a big owl had scared him off overnight,” added Marie.

It is thought he may have flown towards the new estate at West Park, and a dog walker has reported seeing him in that area. There was another reported sighting of Charlie flying towards some fir trees at Faverdale.

Marie has asked people to keep a lookout for Charlie – especially those in the North-West areas of Darlington – and Marie has put up posters all over town.

“”The local vets and people on social media have been wonderful at helping us to get the word out – I’d like to say a big ‘thank you’ to them all,” said Marie.

“We’re sure he’s still in the area, and we think he might be hanging out with the local pigeons because he’s the same size as them.

“If anyone sees him please don’t try to catch him, unless he’s clearly in distress or injured, but please give me a ring as soon as possible. We all really, really miss him.”

Charlie, has charcoal grey feathers, a dark maroon tail, and a pinkish-brown beak. Sightings can be reported on 01325 351 597.