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Hawkstone Lager: Jeremy Clarkson’s Venture into Brewing


Jun 17, 2024 #Hawkstone

In the rolling landscapes of Oxfordshire, England, a unique lager has emerged, combining the world of television fame with traditional brewing techniques. Hawkstone Lager is not just any beer—it is the brainchild of Jeremy Clarkson, a name synonymous with car shows and now, surprisingly, agriculture and brewing.

Introduced in 2021, Hawkstone Lager is crafted with barley grown on Clarkson’s own Diddly Squat Farm, a venture that has been heavily featured in the Amazon Prime Video documentary series, Clarkson’s Farm. The farm itself began as a television project but has since evolved into a real agricultural operation facing the same challenges and changes as any other in today’s farming industry.

Brewing Process and Unique Appeal

The lager is produced by the Cotswold Brewing Company, located near the quaint village of Bourton-on-the-Water in Gloucestershire. What sets Hawkstone Lager apart is its use of locally sourced ingredients, primarily the barley grown directly on Clarkson’s farm, which adds a personal touch to each bottle. This beer features a 4.8% ABV and is described as a balanced lager with light citrus notes, subtle crisp bitterness, and a malty backbone, promising a refreshing and hearty drink experience.

Market Reception and Expansion

Initially intended for sale only at the Diddly Squat Farm shop, the popularity of Hawkstone Lager soon necessitated a broader distribution. It quickly became a top-selling beer on Amazon and was later made available in pubs across Oxfordshire, reflecting its growing appeal among beer enthusiasts and fans of Clarkson alike.

Community and Controversy

The launch of Hawkstone Lager was not without its controversies. Local brewers expressed concerns about competition, fearing that the celebrity-backed beer might overshadow smaller, established brands in the area. Moreover, Clarkson’s advertising campaigns for the lager, which included some characteristic bluntness and humor, faced challenges, including being banned by the Advertising Standards Authority for various reasons, adding a layer of notoriety to the brand’s story.

Brewery Tours and Visitor Experience

The Hawkstone brewery offers an immersive experience for visitors, with guided tours available that explain the brewing process in detail. These tours are complemented by tastings and are conducted at the brewery’s site, which also hosts the Hawkstone Arms bar. This adds an educational and experiential dimension to the Hawkstone Lager, allowing patrons not just to taste the beer but to understand its origins and production.


Hawkstone Lager represents a fascinating intersection of celebrity influence and traditional brewing. It underscores a trend where personal branding can extend into seemingly unrelated industries, like agriculture and alcohol. For Jeremy Clarkson, Hawkstone Lager is more than just a business venture; it is a statement of personal passion and a testament to the potentials of modern entrepreneurial spirit in traditional sectors.


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