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Hay fever alert: Where in the UK can you go to dodge the summer pollen?

Hay fever alert: Where in the UK can you go to dodge the summer pollen?

As much as we love the summer holidays there’s always one big drawback for some – the pollen! During the warmest months of the year, the trees, grass and weeds all take their turns unleashing an onslaught of pollen into the air and making many of us suffer.

If you’re tired of having to fill your bag with tissues and antihistamines ahead of your summer holidays in the UK then never fear! There are some spots around the UK where you can find refuge from the high pollen counts, which makes them ideal getaway destinations for those of us who are tired of hay fever putting a dampener on our time away.

So, let’s take a look at a few of the best spots around the country to dodge the worst of the summer pollen season.

The Isles of Scilly

Sitting off the southwestern tip of Cornwall, the Isles of Scilly are blessed with a higher rate of sunshine hours and gentle sea breezes. Most importantly, the islands have a lower tree and grass pollen count than the mainland.

This makes Scilly an ideal destination for allergy sufferers, getting the benefit of sunny days by the seaside without having to worry about a runny nose and red eyes. Explore the sub-tropical gardens at Tresco Abbey Garden or hop between the beaches of the various islands in the chain.

The Outer Hebrides

Heading far in the opposite direction, the Outer Hebrides offer windswept moors, rugged landscapes and beautiful beaches. With less in the way of vegetation, the islands naturally have a lower pollen count by virtue of its absence.

You can enjoy some scenic nature free from the spectre of hay fever and either hike or cycle along the Hebridean Way, which draws an 184-mile line down the islands. There’s wildlife to watch out for and ancient stone structures to ponder in their pollen-free glory.

The Cairngorms National Park

Scotland seems to be a good shout for people who want to holiday away from the summer pollen, with the Scottish Highlands offering another beautiful sanctuary for allergy sufferers.

The tall peaks of the Cairngorms National Park offer air that’s clear and cold, providing a natural refuge from pollen. Vast moorlands covered in heather and the waters of the pristine lochs are also mercifully free of the pollen scourge.

You could also be treated to a glimpse of the area’s red deer while you’re enjoying one of the UK’s most pristine and dramatically beautiful regions.

The Shetland Islands

If you feel like pushing even further north in your quest to leave behind the summer pollen, then give the Shetland Islands a try. The wild landscapes of these far-flung islands are much better for those of us with allergies, featuring significantly fewer trees than elsewhere in the UK!

They aren’t the sunniest or warmest choice for a summer holiday spot, but the Shetlands are perfect for anyone who enjoys the beauty of the wilderness. You’ll also be treated to plenty of seabirds to watch while you’re visiting, with colonies coming to the cliffs to breed and roost during the warmest months of the year.

You might feel as if you’ve entered another – pollenless – world when you look up at the clear night skies and enjoy the freshness of the clean, northern air.

Unfortunately, we can’t stop the pollen levels from jumping during the summer months, leaving many of us suffering through months of discomfort and getting through more than our fair share of tissues.

But, if you pick one of these destinations for your summer holidays then you might find that you can enjoy a break from everyday life, and the symptoms of hay fever!

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