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Help Northumberland Charity By Referring A Friend

Following on from the bold expansion of services made recently to ensure that their company is more inclusive and helping those that need it, Cascade Cash Management has launched an innovative refer a friend scheme that supports an essential local charity.

As a growing enterprise, the cash management company is keen to help the community by encouraging everyone to save together. And in doing so, they are asking current clients, partners, IFAs and supporters to spread the word, which in turn will make a difference to Age UK Northumberland.

Dr Emma Black explained:

“We really appreciate our clients, partners and other people who recommend and introduce us to others. Those introductions can be to individuals, to companies or to charities that our service will undoubtedly help.

“Because of that appreciation, we have decided to launch a reward referral scheme, so that if one of the introductions made coverts to us supporting a new client, then the introducer will receive a thank you with the choice of either a £250 credit on their account or to make a £250 donation to Age UK Northumberland.”

Cascade Cash Management is an independent and transparent service created to generate enhanced cash returns and increased depositor protection on deposits through professional cash management. It boasts an online Fintech portal which is the only one of its kind in the UK.

It allows independent and unbiased cash solutions meaning that clients don’t have to choose only one bank.  With the online portal and Cascade’s client support team, all banks are accessed quickly and easily, on a daily basis.

The latest move to support such an important charity and create a forward-thinking Cascade Community where everyone can save, is part of the growth of the company and Dr Emma Black’s vision of being a leading financial company with purpose.

Dr Emma concluded:

“The refer a friend scheme is part of our Cascade Community, where everyone can save and can do so together. As a purpose driven savings service, we work closely with our community and in the aftermath of the pandemic every little thing helps other in a big way. We encourage other to spread the word and help to give back too!”

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