Having beautiful well-fitting underwear is the best thing a woman can have in her closet. They make you feel comfortable and give you the confidence you need to get out there. Ranging from bras to panties to lingerie, having the right size is vital.

For plus-size women, it can be a challenge to find underwear that fits perfectly. If you are plus size and feel like you have to lose weight to get into some beautiful and comfortable underwear, you don’t have to.

This article presents you with some easy tips to help you choose underwear & bottoms plus size.

  1. Know your size

There are some beliefs that wearing tight lingerie or bottoms will make you appear thinner. However, trying to squeeze into smaller underwear will only make you uncomfortable and may cause you to sweat. They can also show some lumps of fat over your clothes.

It is essential to know your body size before going out underwear shopping. Measure your breast, arms, thighs, and waist and write them down if you have to. It would help if you did that regularly as the body is ever-changing.

Once you are sure you got all your measurements right, new, you can walk into the underwear store. That will help you buy the perfect underwear that will flatter your body. It is also not comfortable or good looking when you buy large underwear.

  1. Go For Something Flattering

Always strive to buy underwear that brings out your best features. That will make you feel and look better than buying something just because someone recommended it. Also, don’t buy underwear with the notion that nobody will see it.

Always buy something that will make you feel good and amplify your best features. It would be best if you also did your research on the types and fabrics of underwear you can find. It makes the selection process easier.

For example, if you have excess belly fat, you can go for high waisted panties or corsets to hide that. That is as opposed to the low-rise or mid-rise panties, which will lie below your tummy.

When considering the material, it is best to go for a material that stretches such that if you add or cut some weight, it still fits you. That material also helps compress the excess fat you don’t want to be seen.

Some materials do not stretch, and instead of accommodating the extra fat, they squeeze it out, which makes it look unflattering and uncomfortable.

  1. Look For Plus Size Underwear Stores

Many stores that sell underwear tend to have slender women in mind more than plus size women. Whether it is bras, lingerie, or even bras, many have small sizes more stocked than the plus-size ones.

To avoid the hustle of having to look at a lot of small underwear everywhere you go, consider looking for a store specializing in plus size underwear. You will feel more comfortable, and it will be easy to choose from a wide range of underwear.

Some stores are not necessarily exclusive to plus size but have a department that does. Those are stores you can check out too.

  1. Trust Your Gut

When you go underwear shopping, some store attendants might recommend certain underwear and say that it worked so awesome for them. However, it may not be as perfect for you as it was for her.

They might even compliment the color on you and say it makes your eyes pop. Do not let them convince you into buying underwear you will not be comfortable wearing for long. Always go with what you had in mind.

Your comfort is what matters the most.

  1. Know The Purpose Of The Underwear

Sometimes we buy comfortable and good quality push-up bras for working out, going to work, or going on a date.It is essential to know where, when, and for how long you will have your underwear.

That will come in handy when choosing the fit, fabric, type, and even color of your underwear. If the underwear is for working out, choose underwear that is a little tight for support. For underwear you decide to wear to the office, you need something lightweight and not that tight.

That will help you feel comfortable and get the best out of your underwear anytime you wear it, no matter how long you have it.

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