• Thu. Nov 30th, 2023

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Her Eyes Tell Our Stories

A new collection of short stories has been released that makes for a hard-hitting and impactful book titled ‘Her Eyes Tell Our Stories’. The collection graphically unveils the potential (and often experienced) real-time horrors of being a woman.

The number of rapes and domestic violence suffered across the UK is sadly on the increase despite #Metoo and many other campaigns propagating the truth about the negative effects of sexual violence.

You only have to google ‘woman raped’ for over 28 million news stories to pop up across the internet, many of which are from the last few days, weeks and months; making the release of this book extremely timely.

A financial consultant and the Founder of ‘Fight Against Rape’, Omotayo Sangofadeji has written her book to examine the nightmare suffered by women globally, the ache of a couple trying to conceive, the gripping effect of love, amongst other themes. No one story in the collection is the same, and that is what propels readers into turning page after page to satisfy their suspense fueled curiosity.

Nigerian-born Omotayo, who now lives in the UK, is an author with previously published works in literary magazines and online platforms. She has poured her experience from both countries and her passion for gender equality into her debut collection. ‘Her Eyes Tell Our Stories’ which is available in paperback and as an ebook, is already attracting attention from the local media.

In this colourful collection, each of the five short stories focuses on a female character, or a number of female characters, highlighting their life, their roles in society and family, the challenges they face and how in some cases, they conquer despite it all.

Omotayo leaves no stone unturned with how she boldly addresses domestic violence, rape, life pressures, child birth, illness, motherhood, marriage, negative bias, and relationships. The vividness with which she writes reveals her burning desire to make sure that her readers understand gender based violence, consent and how life challenges differ from person to person.

When asked what success as a writer means to her, Omotayo says “That will be when as many people as possible read my stories. When it encourages people to speak their uncomfortable truths. When it resonates with my readers and reassures them that they’re not alone. When it changes the conversation of the people who have the power to effect change.”

Her Eyes Tell Our Stories is available on Amazon and Kindle.