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Hidden Phone Tracker for Business Monitoring

For employers and companies, business security has become a crucial and sensitive issue. Companies invest a huge amount every year in the business security systems but there are no particular benefits. However, what many employers forget is to start the security system from their employees because many of them might be exploiting their powers and access to sensitive data.

For better and improved business monitoring, it is essential to track the employees and staff at your workplace. This requires a company to have a powerful and best employee monitoring software. We have created this guide to help out employers find the best spy app to track their staff and improve workplace security and protect business secrets.

That app is called BlurSPY employee tracking software. We are going to talk about its features and use in the next section.

The Phone Tracker for Business Monitoring

When it comes to the best spy app, BlurSPY is one and only. This app can monitor phone at business firms workplace. Most of the parenting who do parenting in the digital world use this spy app to track their kids and keep eyes on their locations. A growing number of corporate companies are also using BlurSPY. Let’s talk about the features of the app that employers can use.

Call Tracking

BlurSPY offers one of the most important and useful features for employers. With this feature, the companies can track the phone calls of their staff and employees. It has a good number of other uses as well. Within the feature, many other options are also offered.

The employers will be able to check the phone calls on the target device. The history of all incoming and outgoing calls is available for checking. Furthermore, you can live intercept any phone call and record them too. The app also allows users to block any phone numbers to restrict calls.

Message Tracking

The text messages on any device are of great value and importance for the users. Employers may find out something informative from the text messages of their employees. Sometimes the staff who exploit their powers and share secrets with anyone use text messages.

This feature comes with a number of other options. The employers will be able to spy on all the sent and received text messages on a target phone. They can view the time of the conversations, text body, phone numbers of the senders and receivers. Want to block messages from a number? That is possible as well.

Social Media Hacking

Nowadays, most of the employees spend a chunk of their office time at social media. Companies have been trying their best to deal with this addiction to social sites. The employees waste time, their productivity is reduced and the companies face financial losses for this reason.

With this feature, the employers will have control over the social media use of their employees. This feature allows the companies to track the social media of the staff, know about their online activities, internet history and what they share. Companies can also curb social media addiction of staff with this feature.

GPS Location Tracker

There are a lot of companies that track the locations and whereabouts of their staff. In the banking sector, most of the banks track their officers and employees. The reason is to improve business security and keep eyes on the staff and know about their offline engagements.

For any company, this feature can be of great help. GPS tracking devices help companies to track the live locations of their staff, see the location histories and learn what places the employees have been going to. This feature is the need of the hour and companies can benefit from it to a great extent.

Email Monitoring

Coming to one of the important and the last features, email tracking is one of the must-have options for any spy app. The purpose of this feature is to empower the staff to spy on the emails of their employees. This is important to understand that many staff members are assigned email management at companies. But they make the wrong use of their powers.

Spying on emails is easy. BlurSPY offers a feature called a live screen recorder. With this surveillance app, you can capture the screen of the device remotely. Bosses can see the screen of the device of their employees’ phones with this feature. They can further sneak into their emails, internet history and browsing history. These things will reveal a lot about employee activities. Companies can take further steps to ensure business protection.

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