The Great Northern Raffle is offering the chance to win a post-lockdown holiday and support good causes across the region.

The Spring draw opened on March 1st with the prize of a £1,000 holiday with five charities set to benefit:

  • If U Care Share
  • Red Sky Foundation
  • Bradley Lowery Foundation
  • Fans Museum
  • Open North Foundation

The Christmas Raffle raised more than £45,000 for struggling good causes whose fundraising has been hit by the coronavirus pandemic.   It is estimated that charities in the north will lose well over £200 million in income, at a time when demand for their services is growing.

Entrepreneur Jeremy Middleton CBE founded Charity Escapes, which has raised several hundred thousand pounds for charity. The Great Northern Raffle was launched to offer charities a fundraising platform to help compensate for the lack of ‘live’ events, which Charity Escapes supports with prizes.

Jeremy Middleton said:  “Everyone is dreaming of a holiday after the lockdown periods and difficult times over the last year.

“Five very worthwhile charities that help and support people in the North East will benefit from the draw, and it would be fantastic if as many people as possible enter and leave a donation that will make a real difference to people right across our region.”

Gemma Lowery, CEO of the Bradley Lowery Foundation, said:  “The past twelve months have been incredibly difficult for charities everywhere. We have been forced to cancel the vast majority of our fundraising events, jeopardising the support we provide to dozens of poorly children and their families.

“We’d like to thank the organisers of the raffle for offering us this lifeline and ask all our supporters to get behind us and enter today.”

The raffle is the brainchild of the Middleton Foundation and its subsidiary Charity Escapes.  Although it is free to enter, participants can choose to leave a voluntary donation of £5 to a charity of their choice, or to be shared out across all the participating charities.

Draw entries are made by text messaging. To enter, supporters just need to send a text to 70215, with a keyword for the charity or social enterprise of their choice. One of the keywords covers all participating charities and social enterprises, whereby the £5 donation is split evenly between all participants.

Donations can also be made online

Full details of the charities involved, terms and conditions and how charities and businesses can get involved in future raffles are available at