• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

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HOME SECURITY: How Brits Are Keeping Their Homes Safe

BREAK-INS have reached an all-time high as lockdown-related crime continues to grow.

The thought of an intruder entering our home and pilfering our possessions is truly the stuff of nightmares. Sadly, this fear has become a devastating reality for thousands across the country.

A survey of 1,500 people conducted by lighting supplier Ultra LEDs uncovered ten techniques Brits are using to make themselves feel safer.

Installing a security system was found to be the number one safety-inspired change Brits are making, with over 60% of homeowners investing in a modern burglar alarm system.

At 55%, installing security cameras came in at a close second, with doorbell cameras proving to be a popular choice amongst homeowners.

According to Ultra LEDs, more households are leaving lights on overnight in the hope of deterring break-ins than ever before. Its study revealed that 51% of Brits leave their living room lights on after going to sleep, despite the subsequent costs.

With the majority of burglaries and break-ins occurring during the summer months, keeping windows and doors closed is a preventative measure that 43% of homeowners are now practising.

The installation of garden and outdoor lighting, including motion sensors and floodlighting has increased by 33% since the first lockdown. This is spurred on by homeowners feeling the need to protect their pets since dog theft rose by a staggering 19% since the beginning of lockdown.

It’s no surprise then that the reinforcement of windows, doors and locks has also increased since lockdown. Data within Ultra LEDs’ study suggests that around 28% of homeowners have purchased additional locks and had their current hardware updated.

Hiding a key somewhere on their property is still the norm for many Brits. However, since crime is on the rise, with over one in five (22%) of homeowners admitted to reassessing their hiding spot. Many have either entrusted it to a neighbour or hid it in a new, discreet location.

The Ultra LEDs study also highlighted that 18% of homeowners and renters are now opting to invest in a safe to keep cash and high-value items secure, while 12% have embraced hiding all their valuables from view.

Finally, as many as 8% of homeowners within the study state that they’ve trimmed back hedges, laid gravel and removed any potential hiding places around their homes for peace of mind.

Paul Garner, Head of ECommerce at  Ultra LEDs commented: “We recognise that leaving the lights on helps many people to feel safer, but utility bills can really start to rise for households that make this a habit. Rather than leaving the lights on constantly, we’d recommend a timer that switches lights in different rooms on and off at regular intervals.

“People should also consider the kinds of bulbs they’re using. Making the switch to energy-saving LEDs can cut costs in the long run.”

Top ten techniques Brits are using to keep their homes safe:

  1. Investing in a modern burglar alarm system (60%)

  2. Installing security cameras (55%)

  3. Leaving their living room lights on after going to sleep (51%)

  4. Keeping windows and doors closed (43%)

  5. Installation of garden and outdoor lighting (33%)

  6. Purchasing additional locks (28%)

  7. Reassessing the hiding spot of a spare key (22%)

  8. Investing in a safe (18%)

  9. Hiding all valuables from view (12%)

  10. Trimming back hedges, laying gravel and removing potential hiding places (8%)