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How and Why You Should be Reporting on Project Success


How and Why You Should be Reporting on Project Success

An effective business should conduct regular reporting on project success. Analysing performance will help you work effectively towards your KPIs, and allow for beneficial changes to be identified. By not reporting on project success, you are putting your business at a disadvantage.

Here, we will look at how to carry out reporting of your own, and why reporting on project success is important to the success of your business.

Top tips for reporting project success

Know what you’re measuring

The key to reporting your project success is to know what you are looking for, the outcomes you are expecting, and measure the current outcomes alongside these expectations. There are many factors your company could measure. Perhaps you are looking at customer engagement and feedback, whether cash flow is positive, or how many deadlines are being missed. Knowing what you are measuring and what this means for your business can help you set changes in place that will improve your company’s efficiency and thus improve your return.

Establish key performance indicators

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are crucial for the analysis of your company’s progression. KPIs use quantitative, measurable values to help you better understand the success of your project, and whether your company is actively achieving targets or not. With the goals of your KPIs in mind, you can better identify the steps you need to take to hone in on those goals and implement problem-correcting measures when they are not being met.

Use software

By successfully reporting your project success, you can use data analysis alongside prediction modeling software to manage risk. Having a backlog of monthly project success reports can give you historical data to inform your future decision-making. You will be able to understand better what projects do and don’t work for your company. You can even use this alongside market trend predictions to get a better understanding of upcoming consumer demands and whether a new project would be successful or not.

Equally, you can use software to establish a timeline for your project. Whether you have one project on the go or multiple, commissioning software can assist in tracking the progression of projects and their results. This is useful when reporting on project success as data is managed in one place, making it easier to collate.

Know your audience

Project reporting is much more than numbers on a page. It is important to know the target audience for your report – whether this is an internal investigation to help improve processes or it is a document for investors to see the return on their financial contributions. By removing technical jargon that could cause confusion in your reporting, you will make the information accessible to many, so more of your people can benefit from the insights offered by your reporting.

Why reporting on project success is important

Whether you are handling one project or more, making sure you report on project success is important for the progression and growth of your business. Accurate reporting can help encourage decision-making, find opportunities for growth, and assist in avoiding roadblocks. And managing your projects through software with established KPIs in place can make collecting and analysing the data easier than ever.


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