In this digital era, avoiding screens is nearly impossible. Most of the work nowadays is done on some digital device either on computer, tablet, mobile phones etc. These electronic devices are also a good source of entertainment also this makes people to concentrate their eyes more on the screen. Well, there are some certain harmful effects of watching screen for a very long time, you might have heard it from someone but in this article, the most affectionate emission of the screen which is blue light is discussed. 

You might have heard about blue light and the effects that it creates. It mostly affects the sleep of the man. You might have also experienced that. If not, you can begin noticing now. It is not that only screen’s blue light affects the sleep but also the blue light that occurs naturally also affects the sleep. This is why there are some products made for blocking it to a great extent. The best one among them is the Glasses that block blue light

How these glasses can help?

These glasses have got most positive reviews from most of their users. They are effective in stopping headaches and bettering sleep quality. This is an ideal accessory for office workers as they probably spend 7 to 9 hours working on the screen. Headaches and sleeping disorders are common problems that they face. If you are also facing such problems then you can visit to buy these blue light blocking glasses. 

How does blue light affects the sleep?

Humans fall in sleep due to melatonin, the hormone which is secreted after the sun goes down, in other words when the natural light is off. When there was no artificial light invented people often went to sleep early. But now, people remain exposed to the light for a longer time period this is why they have problems in sleeping. Any type of light wave can delay the formation and secretion of melatonin. But, out of the spectrum blue light is the most effective wave that delays the secretion of this hormone to a great extent. Blue light also disturbs the circadian rhythm of the humans. This results in disruption during the sleep also. Not only this, blue light also harms in other different ways also. 

Eye strain: The blue light from the digital devices also leads to eye strain. Watching blue content on the screen for a long time can make dry and sore your eyes. You vision can also get affected by it. Also, this light can even change the process of thinking if received by the eyes constantly for a longer time.

Increase risk of macular degeneration: If you have avoided eye irritation for a very long and continue watching the screen then it can become macular degeneration. This is due the damage of the cells in retina. Common symptoms are blurred vision, appearance of red blood vessels in the eye, dryness and itchiness and more. It is better to take precaution (wearing glasses) early, as it can also result in loss of vision completely.