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How can Job Management Software benefit your company?


Sep 1, 2021

Do you want to streamline your Workflow Management? 

Job Management Software is perfect for any trade or field service business. The system is typically cloud-based, and it comes with a synchronised Mobile App that allows field service personnel to manage their tasks from the palm of their hands.

Why replace spreadsheets with Job Management Software?

Your service business can be profitable if you use technology. To manage their workloads and organise their jobs, several, if not all, businesses began by utilising spreadsheets. However, relying on spreadsheets to manage your business has proven an intimidating and time-consuming procedure over time. Why should your organisation continue to rely on an out-of-date program to operate?

Whether you’re in the plumbing, gas safety, cleaning, or heating sector, Job Management Software can help you grow. It’s software that can help you optimise your business operations and provide you with an advantage over your competition at a low cost.

This software can assist your team in becoming more productive and profitable and enhancing customer and employee happiness. Every part of your business, including leads, quotes, project scheduling, dispatching, managing suppliers and orders, billing, and dealing with clients, is all within your control with this system.

Let’s start by looking at how Job Management Software may benefit your business:

Manage Jobs in Seconds:

Track and manage jobs at a glimpse and have all the information about tasks in one location. Everything from your resources and time allocation to expenses and profitability can be tracked and controlled instantly with the system’s capacity to save every task detail.

Workflow transformation is possible with Job Management Software, providing informative insights on a wide range of company variables. The Mobile App records both workers’ time on the job and time travelling to and from their locations. Field employees use the app to update management on task progress, which keeps the system up to date and makes communication easier. It is possible for your field staff to make status updates while they are working, such as “accepted”, “on-route”, or “finished”.

Customers and field personnel can be notified about the status of an appointment by email or SMS. Paperwork is no longer required to record job times, and administration can go paperless completely. Human error can be reduced by using an online system because everything is captured digitally and saved safely in the cloud (the internet).

Complete jobs with ease:

On-site field workers can submit their completed work for approval immediately from their mobile devices. For example, they can send and receive messages with the Mobile App while also creating purchase orders for suppliers and contacting clients as needed.

The app gives users the ability to access and complete documents on the go. Paper documents can be uploaded, digitised, and attached to jobs by your team. With this functionality, technicians can access their compliance certifications from the app and complete them digitally on-site.

Job management software gives your mobile workforce the tools they need to execute tasks more quickly and efficiently.

Boost Productivity:

Administrators will save a significant amount of time thanks to the system’s numerous features and tools that make their job easier.

When your field workers use the app, they can do their work while not connected to the internet. It will also store all of their entered data locally until they can reconnect to the internet on their smartphone. The app will then re-sync with the system and update the employees’ job sheets.

By making scheduling easier and delivering a paperless job sheet solution in your hand, the app helps you become more productive. Smart devices, such as tablets and smartphones can be used for daily job administration.

The scheduling procedure is made so much easier with Job Management Software than with any other product available. Adopting a system that allows you scheduling flexibility, expedites job dispatch, and locates field personnel is now a must-have.