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Vaporizers are electronic cigarettes that help smokers to shift to a less harmful way of experiencing the sensation of smoking. The battery-operated devices can be reused, and the second generation of vaporizers come with features like refillable tanks and replaceable cartridges.

Vaporizer typically comprises a vape tank, a chamber that converts the herbs or oil into vapor, which is then inhaled by the user. E-cigarettes differ in various ways when compared to the traditional cigarettes. The primary difference is that traditional cigarettes cause severe and serious health effects, whereas, e-cigarettes ensure that the possibility of health complications are significantly reduced.

Health Impact of Using Vaporizers

The basic difference between a traditional tobacco cigarette and vaporizer pens is that, the combustion process or the burning process that converts the herbs into a vapor. In traditional cigarettes, the herbs are burnt directly, and the user inhales nicotine. In the case of e-cigarettes, the herbs are heated at a low-temperature which releases less-nicotine vapor. This vapor that is inhaled by the user causes lesser harmful health impact to the users.

When tobacco is burnt at a high temperature, it also releases more than 4000 harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. As the burning process is different in the case of vaporizers, users inhale lesser nicotine levels and importantly, are saved from inhaling toxins. The health-conscious can opt for nicotine free e-liquids if there are serious concerns about inhaling lower quantities of nicotine.

The level of toxic chemicals present in the aerosolized vapor of the e-cigarettes is much below the levels present in traditional cigarettes. This counts as one of the best benefits of vaporizers.  Some of the more chronic and severe diseases that are associated with heavy smoking include throat cancer, lung cancer, among others. This is mainly a result of the chemicals that are released during the burning of tobacco.

Vaporizers that are known as pens are some of the handiest models available in the market. The pens permit individuals to use it discreetly and continue with their social or professional engagements without any health impact.

Different types of Vaporizers

Vaporizers are mainly classified into 3 types based on the purpose and the type of herbs used. The three types of vaporizers include:

  • E-Cigarette Vaporizers
  • Marijuana Vaporizers
  • Medical Vaporizers

E-Cigarette Vaporizers – This category of vaporizers are battery-powered and simulate a feeling that is similar to that of a traditional cigarette. It does not use or burn tobacco or any forms of weeds. There are several variations present for this kind of vaporizers, and some of them resemble the traditional tobacco cigarette.

Marijuana Vaporizers – This is a commonly used vaporizer which uses dry herbs or several variations of marijuana extracts for creating aerosol vapor. Marijuana herbs and its extracts are typically used to inhale and exhale.

Medical Vaporizers – Vaporizers can also be used to treat severe medical conditions.  A recent study showed that inhaling the vapor of cannabis can help to tackle chronic pain, discomfort, and insomnia.